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NHS Actions

– Saturday Simon Hughes office lobby 10-12am

– March 7: TUC backed Rally to save our NHS. Lobby at Westminster Idea to have a human chain around St Thomas’. Lambeth SOS has backed it. Come one come all and spread the word.

Connexions, national careers service, in Brixton on Acre Lane is shutting at the end of March. There’s a petition against the closure to sign and circulate. Unison is working on campaigning against it and lobbying the council.

Press release and website statement coming.

London Region RMT invited SOS to speak to them. Next Thursday evening – Couple of people are going. Anyone else who wants to go is welcome to join.


Lambeth Pan Disability Forum are mobilizing for it. South London DPAC and Lambeth Accessible Transport will join us.

UK Uncut are really keen to support the town hall demo – putting lots of publicity and info on it


Please sign up to join in the comments as well to spread the word out! Postcards, flyers are available at the UNISON office.


Stockwell: Tuesday, Feb 21 – 4:45-6pm

Oval: Wednesday, Feb 22 – 4:45-6pm

Kennington: Thursday, Feb 23 – 4:45-6pm

Brixton: Friday, Feb 24 – 4:45-6pm

Anybody is welcome to join or do any other time or station, please add a comment or use the discussion email list so that we don’t duplicate effort!


If you watch one video today this 3 minute YouTube clip from UNITE the Union would be a great place to start.

This list will be updated as more come in. If you know one we have missed please post a comment at the bottom of the post.

Lambeth Council

All pickets from 7am to 10.45pm (at least).

Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton – 2-7 Town Hall Parade, Porden Road, SW2 5RW (behind the Town Hall)

Phoenix House – 10 Wandsworth Road, Vauxhall, SW8 2LL (over the road from Vauxhall tube station)

International House – 6 Canterbury Crescent, Brixton, SW9 7QE (behind Brixton police station)

Olive Morris House – 18 Brixton Hill, SW2 1RL (more…)

We started off with just a little gazebo to mark our territory, a roof no more to show that some of the local anti-cuts groups were willing to be present and part of this whole occupation movement that is sweeping the US and the UK. We know not everyone is entirely optimistic that this will be the thing that sparks off a mass movement to stop the utter destruction of the welfare state in order to fund welfare for banks, but something must.

So on Tuesday some folks from Lambeth and Lewisham headed over. We were all working the next day — a reality that makes it difficult to camp out over night, we know. So we didn’t. But we did put up a small gazebo…I fear that it collapsed during the night as I overhead a snide comment the next day, and saw it had been moved to shelter one of the organizational working groups at the occupation (we had offered it for that, so we didn’t mind).

Despite the highly artistic nature of the pictures (the word artistic is preferred to technically challenged), the world is not actually on fire and we are actually solid human beings. We hurried so we could attend the General Assembly at 7 pm. It’s a bit like stumbling into a different world really, the way people speak, the arguments about process. Given that the camp is new, it was entirely logistical I’m afraid. But there is really a delightful feel about the place, there is food and drink, and the technical meeting will have been moved to the mornings so that the evenings can be full of exciting and heated political discussion which we imagine will be exciting to everyone, activist or not. Why are people there? What do we want to achieve? How can we work together? How can we engage more people? We hope that these will be the kinds of debates happening in the days to come.

So last night we returned with a truly splendid gazebo which for now shall remain un-pictured…but it has sides that zip open and closed, and is beautifully waterproof. The goal is to have a space where folks from Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark can just drop by, hang out, talk to people, get support to save our services. We’d love to maybe have some meetings there, invite the other London anti-cuts groups, engage with this wider movement, play some music or cards or charades. We’d also love to have a rotation of people who can stay, or perhaps plan a Friday or Saturday slumber party…

The blog for the Finsbury Square occupation is here, and you can follow them on twitter and facebook. There’s also a new independant newspaper just started up for the occupy movement, very awesome, you can follow them here. Some pictures from Indymedia are here, and of course you can also read more at the Guardian or the BBC. The second two articles are focused primarily on St Paul’s and its reasons for closing. On a very personal aside, I find that quite ridiculous. The church I was raised with would have opened its doors to the protestors actually, the way it did to refugees as part of the Sanctuary movement, but I suppose everyone interprets giving up your possessions and taking care of others in their own way.

Just a last note, the police are definitely present, but it’s been relatively relaxed as they wander around in pairs…of course, they’re squandering a great deal of resources in surveilling everything, using thermal imaging and helicopters like they don’t have crime to fight! But there’s been no rubber bullets or teargas like Oakland. It’s not a small point that much of this is simply to ensure the UK does not go the way of poverty and repression found in the US.

Our next public meeting will be in central Brixton next Thursday. We will be discussing the riots, the cuts, and the impact on young people in the borough and we want to hear you views.

Please come and bring your friends, family and colleagues. You can also find the event on Facebook – please circulate widely and invite your friends!

Download the leaflet: After the riots: the future for young people leaflet Aug 2011

Lambeth SOS Newsletter for June 2011

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In preparation for Thursdays (June 30) mass day of action in the borough checkout our new A4 newsletter – grab a copy and send it to all your friends, colleagues and comrades.

It also comes with a poster on the back that you should stick in your front window when you have finished reading – I can’t wait to spot these across the borough – if you see one about drop a comment below!

Download the PDF: Lambeth Save our Service’s June 2001 Newsletter. Issue 1.


No Ifs No Buts, No ESOL Cuts! London students say no to cuts to English classes.

Hundreds of students and teachers from local colleges around London defied the downpours on
Sunday to take to the streets and protest against cuts to English classes.

In the south, students from South Thames College, Lambeth College, Baytree Centre, Horizon
and LAWAS joined lecturers to march through the streets of Brixton and Oval. Protestors
chanted Save Our ESOL as they joined a noisy demonstration by women and children outside
the Baytree Centre before heading to a rally in Kennington Park. Dodging the showers
throughout the afternoon, protestors gathered round banners from colleges and local community
organisations and spoke out about why English classes should not be cut.

One student told how she was now able to go the GP alone and could speak to her doctor
without help, thanks to her ESOL course at the Baytree centre for women. A student from South
America spoke about the need for communities to unite and fight against this racist policy. Mark
Bergfeld of NUS told the crowds “students, immigrants and working class people must unite – it
is in everyone’s interest for people to learn English”.

Tonight planning meeting is a 6:30PM in the Vida Walsh Centre in Brixton (just off Windrush square). Please come along, bring friends and get involved with the campaign against cuts in Lambeth Services.


  1. Feedback from 23 Feb demo & occupation
  2. Report back on Saturday’s benefit gig
  3. 7 march public meeting?
  4. London-wide anti-cuts meeting 9 March at Cock Tavern
  5. 26 march – General preparations and South London feeder march
  6. South London planning meeting Monday 7 March at South Bank University at 6.30
  7. Megaphone & other equipment
  8. Meetings on estates with TRAs
  9. St George’s Hospital/Kingston Hospital
  10. Where next after occupation? Ideas for the next one!
  11. Donate pizzas to Wisconsin occupiers (perhaps with solidarity message linking to our own occupation)? Can be done online

It’s looking pretty long but hopefully some items can be dealt with quickly.

We also have some more videos on youtube (Thanks Mandy) and some more photos courtesy of Grace Wong (Thanks!)


Here are some photos from last nights amazing protest where Lambeth SOS and the people of South London occupied Lambeth Town hall’s Council Chamber. Have any more? Get In Touch


Last night around 300 protesters lobbied Lambeth Councillors to vote against the Labour group budget. When security and police refused to allow members of the public into the galleries and overflow rooms a fight broke out in the council lobby and protestors stormed the council chamber.