Who are we

Lambeth Save Our Services is an umbrella group of local trade unionists, community organisations and students formed in 2010 to oppose cuts in jobs and services. Lambeth’s Labour council is now set to make cuts of £40 million, one-sixth of its 2011-12 budget. But we intend to resist every single cut to services, jobs, benefits and pensions, and every single rise in rents, tuition fees and taxes for working class people. SOS opposes the privatisation of any public service, and aims to build grassroots campaigns based on workers and service users.

Full details are in our declaration

SOS is not dominated or controlled by any political organisation, and welcomes any individuals or organisations that agree with the above aims. We hold open organising meetings on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. Hope to see you there!

You can download this information in leaflet format here


If you are interested in affiliation to Lambeth Save Our Services please download our model affiliation motion.

Recommended affiliation costs:

  • Union branch over 1,000 members £50
  • Other union branches £25
  • Local community organisations £20