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Community Not For Sale
Lambeth Council have already evicted long term squats in Rushcroft Road, Brixton. They’re now trying to evict “short life” housing coops (many of which have been there for decades) in Somerlyton Road, Brixton and Rectory Gardens, Clapham.

Please sign the petition against these evictions

This petition is part of a much bigger campaign, so after you’ve signed the petition please contact us to find out more about how you can help

We’ve had some successes with this campaign. With your help we can have even more

There’s been more media interest in the eviction of 30 year old squats in Rushcroft Road recently. We’ve had article in the Brixton Bugle and the Lambeth Weekender. We’ve had other media coverage previously


The Rushcroft Road squats were evicted, but it’s not too late to stop the eviction of other Lambeth short life housing coops. Please sign the petition against their eviction

Community Not For Sale
There was a protest against the eviction of long term squatters from Rushcroft Road, some of whom had lived there for 32 years, on Monday which Lambeth Save Our Services supported. The eviction was covered by the:

There’s also an eye witness account from Izzy Koksal here

You can find out more details on the campaign and how you can help at the campaign website

Last Saturday there was a protest against the eviction of the residents of Clifton Mansions in Brixton.

One of our supporters has given the following report of the day:

The protest started at Windrush Square with the usual megaphone doesn’t work disasters but gradually folk started talking. Grace was great about Loughborough Estate, others about Rushcroft Rd obviously, but plenty of local people joining in and being angry about being driven out of Brixton to make way for yuppies/corporate clients etc. Joining the dots.

It Looked like it might wind down after the quiz but folk spontaneously nipped across the road to visit Foxtons (I especially liked “F*** off back to Chelsea la la la la”- you get the drift). Some outside, some went in. After maybe 20 minutes back to Windrush and then some of the more determined went for a stroll round Brixton Village (bread at £6 a loaf apparently). During all this a lot of people signed up to stay in touch- \and fight back.

It clearly hit a nerve. (Think the folk who called it were quite suprised). I’d guess around 50-100 people, but that’s a guess

There are photos of the day here at the campaign website

In addition to stopping an eviction in Loughborough Junction last week, Lambeth Council also performed a U Turn and stopped the eviction of Jimmy Rogers, the founder of the Briuxton Top Cats basketball club, from his housing cooperative.

The story was covered by the Brixton Blog. The South London Press story is below

Congratulations to the Lambeth United Housing Cooperative for stopping this eviction

SLP Shortlife

Protest Against Eviction – CANCELLED AS OF 2nd JULY
Friday 5th July, 2pm
Lambeth County court, Cleaver Street, SE11 4DZ

Let us know you’re coming on facebook

Loughborough Estate residents will be protesting against the eviction of an estate resident, Dennis, when he appears in court next Friday July 5th at 2pm

Dennis has found himself in arrears because of a combination of issues which are affecting hundreds of others on this estate alone – periods of unemployment, the bedroom tax and the callous indifference of the Council and the DWP.

He has been subject to the bedroom tax since April and his arrears also relate to scandalous treatment in the benefits system where he has had his payments cut completely during some short periods he was able to find work, and then lengthy delays in getting them reinstated when the jobs finished. He is effectively being penalised for taking any work he could find and now faces losing his home. Dennis is quite desperate and is expecting to go on to the streets if he is evicted because he has no family support to fall back on.

Although his rent arrears have been building up over a period of time he has never even been offered a face-to-face meeting with his housing officer to help resolve his problems before being summonsed to court.

Lambeth Council should be supporting people like Dennis to get the benefits they are entitled to and should be refusing to evict anyone affected by the Government’s unfair benefit cuts and bedroom tax which the Council say they oppose – they should not be spending council tax money hauling vulnerable people through the courts and making them homeless.

Anyone who would like to support Dennis and oppose this eviction please join us at the court on Friday at 2pm.

The campaign to Save Clapham Fire Station and the campaign to keep a housing cooperative, both campaigns Lambeth SOS supports, got letters in last week’s South London Press

Two letters


Guest post by Julian Hall of the Lambeth United Housing Cooperative

Stoke on Trent has recently announced a social housing initiative of selling off rundown homes for a £1 and, issuing grants to repair them, was in the news – deservedly so.

It’s a different story in Lambeth though.

Here the council is evicting people who have maintained housing that the council abandoned for 40 years.

Now councillors – some of whom have been alive for less time than these housing co-ops have existed – are selling off these houses at auction.

This means that social housing units are being lost and people are being pushed on to an over-subscribed waiting list.

Evictions are going on all the time and you may have seen the recent splashes in the South London Press about this.

More information can be found on our website

Are you:

  • Struggling with high rents?
  • Had your housing benefit cut?
  • Living in overcrowded or poor quality accommodation?
  • Issues with a dodgy landlord?
  • Housing Action is a new group of Lambeth and Southwark residents who believe that decent housing is a right. We are organising together to support each other with housing problems we face and to take action to ensure that everyone has decent homes.

    Come along to their first meeting on Thursday 9th May 1-3pm at Moorlands Community Centre, 50a Corry Drive, Brixton, SW9 8TQ

    BB front page
    The Housing for the 99% protest calling for fair deals for private tenants, which Lambeth Save Our Services supported, got a good write up in the Brixton Blog