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BBijt35CIAA4qkfLambeth Council have announced cuts to our Library Service:

  • Half of Lambeth’s Libraries under threat of closure
  • Immediate sell-off of Minet and Waterloo Libraries
  • Funding stopped to Carnegie, Durning and Upper Norwood Libraries
  •  Reduce size of West Norwood and Brixton Libraries
  •  Replace Libraries with bookshelves in pubs
From Saturday 7 February, we are asking people to fill out pages of our Save Libraries Book – “Save Our Libraries Because” with the reason they think Lambeth should save our libraries. If you can come to the library, come to the library — if the council have their way it won’t be a library much longer:


Saturday 7 February
3pm – 5pm
Minet Library, Knatchbull Road

If you can’t make it down to the Minet Library, you can still tweet a photo to Jane Edbrooke, Cabinet member responsible for Libraries (@JaneEdbrooke) and your local MP with the hashtag ‪#‎SaveLibraries. If you do not have a twitter account, send the photo to us at Save Lambeth Libraries and we will send it out for you.
  • Take a big piece of paper
  • Write “Save Our Libraries Because…” across the top
  • Fill in your reason – it can be something you’ve written, a quote or a picture
  • Send us a photo of yourself holding your “Save Our Libraries Because…” page, tweet it, post it…

You can read the full press release here, or download a pdf: PRESS RELEASE Library Workers Accuse Council of Insult to National Libraries Day after Cuts and Closures Announcement

We also hope you will write to your councillors and MP, and join us in protest as the council decides the budget on 25 March:


Reposted from Lambeth Housing Activists

Picture credit, Urban75 -

Picture credit Urban75

The Guinness Trust is redeveloping its Brixton estate. Residents of the existing estate will be rehoused in new (smaller) flats, but those with Assured Shorthold Tenancies will be thrown out of their existing homes with no guarantee of rehousing by the Guinness Trust

Lambeth Housing Activists will be holding a protest this Friday to demand the Assured Shorthold Tenants are rehoused when the estate is redeveloped

Protest – Rehouse Guinness’ Shorthold Tenants
Friday 4th July, 3:30pm
Outside the Housing Office on the Guinness Trust estate, off Loughborough Road, SW9 8NL

Lambeth Housing Activists will be leafleting the estate to try to get support for this protest.

Leafletting – Support the Shorthold Tenants
Tuesday 1st July, from 5:45pm
Meet outside the Housing Office on the Guinness Trust estate

(if you’re running late ring Bill on 07412 699423)

Support a HASL Member affected by the Bedroom Tax

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Reposted from Housing Action for Southwark and Lambeth

Come and show support for a HASL member’s bedroom tax refund. We’ve had enough of being messed around by the housing office!

Join us on Friday 25th April, 11:50am meeting outside Brixton Customer Centre, Olive Morris House, Brixton Hill. Bring friends, family, neighbours!

Ellen is due a refund of the bedroom tax that she has been forced to pay for a year now, as she meets the criteria for the bedroom tax loophole. However, the housing office have not been all that helpful in getting this refund back to her.

The housing office have taken over a month to respond to our appeal letter and we only received the unfavourable response after chasing them up about this. The response gave very little detail or evidence of why this negative decision had been made.

The bedroom tax (one of many brutal welfare and housing cuts) is causing great hardship to the hundreds of thousands of people it is affecting. The refund offers a tiny respite from this stress and suffering by returning a small sum of money that should never have been taken off of them in the first place. It takes little effort from the council and will make a huge different to the people who receive it.

Join us to make our challenge at the housing office to demand the bedroom tax refund for Ellen and that our dealings with the housing office to be met with more respect.

Reposted from Housing Action for Southwark and Lambeth

Protest – No To Clapham Park Evictions
Monday 31st March, 11.30 am
Clapham Park Offices, 91 New Park Road, SW2 4AX

Organised by Lambeth Housing Activists

What would you do if suddenly you and your family were forced out of your home after three years? Would you allow landlords to kick you down and let the council leave you to rot in temporary accommodation miles from your community? Would you stand up? Then stand up with us too!

Join us and Lambeth Housing Activists to support a recently evicted tenant to make a public complaint to Metropolitan Homes and Lambeth Council – we ask, why should a family be evicted from their home and yet the flat remains empty? Why is there a shortage of quality, secure, and truly affordable housing in Lambeth?

What are the priorities of this council and these landlords? Housing for homes, not as assets! Stop the gentrification of Brixton!

[UPDATE: Metropolitan backed down on 4th April and agreed to rehouse Ester in Clapham Park. More details here. Thanks to everyone who supported the campaign]

The government have announced plans to massively downsize Brixton College and replace it with one or more free schools. Local unions have called a protest on Thursday 27th to oppose these plans

27 Mar protest poster

Please help get the word out:

  • Share this page on facebook or twitter, let others know about the event
  • Download leaflets or posters and distribute them round your friends and neighbours
  • Come to the stall on Saturday 15th, 11am, outside Brixton tube to help spread the word
  • Have you got any other ideas for publicity, if so please contact us


Congratulations to the Lambeth United Housing Cooperative for organising such a good photo call of celebrities and local supporters last Wednesday. The turnout was good and the media attention was great, with a half page article in the South London Press.

The campaign also got on the BBC, in particular:

  • The campaign was mentioned frequently on BBC Radio London News. See for example, this link to the drive time program, about 1hr 8 minutes in (link expires on 12th March)
  • The campaign got an article on the BBC news website, see here
  • Various other local news outlets covered the story, including South London Guardian and This is Local London

    These articles raise some important issues. There’s a post on the Lambeth United Housing Co-operative website to discuss them.

    Thanks to everyone for making this day such a success.

    The government has announced plans to close most of Lambeth College in Brixton and replace it with one or more free schools. Lambeth SOS has been proud to support the campaign to Save Lambeth College in Brixton from the start. Our campaign has ranged from mass protests to letters to the South London Press, and we need help with the next stage of the campaign

  • Thursday 13 March 9am – Lobby – Clapham Centre of Lambeth College, 45 Clapham Common SouthSide, SW4 9BL. Join the staff lobby of the college management over the imposition of new contracts and worse conditions including loss of 10 days holiday, longer working hours and extra workload for no pay
  • Thursday 27th March 5pm to 7pm – Protest, surround Lambeth College – Brixton Centre of Lambeth College, 56 Brixton Hill, SW2 1QS. Join the protest against the Brixton sell-off and the Free School. Meet outside the Brixton Centre for a demonstration by staff, students and community linking hands around college.
  • These protests are coordinated by Stop Education Attacks. We don’t advertise their meetings on this website to save space, but if you’d like details please contact them or contact us

    Stop Asset Stripping
    Photo call – Don’t Evict Martiza – Stop selling social housing in Lambeth!
    Wednesday 5th March, 11am
    22 Lillieshall Road, London SW4

    With Maggi Hambling, Kate Hoey MP, Mark Thomas and Vivienne Westwood
    All welcome – please come and show your support for social housing

    (Note: There’s a “spin off” photo call at 10am on Wednesday. If people can make the 10am and 11am photo call at Lillieshall Road that would be great, but if you if you can’t make both, prioritise the 11am photo op)

    On Wednesday 5th March Lambeth residents and campaigners, including designer and activist Vivienne Westwood, comedian and activist Mark Thomas, artist Maggi Hambling and Kate Hoey MP, will meet in Lillieshall Road, London SW4 to protest against Lambeth Council’s sale of long-standing housing co-operatives.

    All those gathered for this photo op have pledged to defend residents of these housing co-ops against evictions, and have stated: “We will stand with housing co-op residents when they refuse to leave their home, if Lambeth go through with their threat to send bailiffs to evict them”

    You can make this pledge too. If you’d like to do so please contact Lambeth Housing Activists

    More details on Maritza’s case is here

    Can everyone please join us to show their support for Maritza and for the Lambeth United Housing Coop. It is really important we show how determined we are to campaign. We’ve supported the Lambeth Housing Cooperative before and we stopped the eviction of Jimmy Rogers from his housing coop due to public pressure, we can do the same for Maritza too.

    Solidarity Sleep Out – Homelessness is Not a Crime
    Tuesday 25th February 7pm – 9pm
    Outside Brixton Police Station, 367 Brixton Road, SW9 7DD
    Bring your sleeping bags

    Organised by Lambeth Housing Activists
    Let us know you’re coming on facebook

    The Met have announced plans to make ‘rough sleeping’ a crime in 6 London boroughs. Operation Encompass will be in effect in Camden, Islington, Lambeth, Southwark and Westminster, alongside Croydon.

    Lambeth Housing Activists oppose this latest attack on homeless people. We call on Boris Johnson and the Greater London Authority to call off this hideous campaign criminalising some of the most vulnerable people in our city. Already there have been arrests of people whose only crime is to be homeless due to the lack of Shelter spaces and suitable accommodation.

    The biggest crime of all is the fact that people are homeless today.

    Housing activists in Brixton are sleeping out outside Brixton police station the evening before the protest at the Greater London Authority. Bring your sleeping bags

    Stop the Cuts – Lobby Lambeth Council

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    UNISON banner
    Lobby Lambeth Council – Stop All Cuts
    Rally on the Town Hall steps
    Wednesday 26th February, 6pm onwards

    Lambeth’s Labour-run council is preparing to pass another cuts budget, slashing millions of pounds from vital services – housing, parks, education, libraries, etc. – and destroying yet more jobs.

    Lambeth Unison is determined to stop them. You can help by joining our lobby and supporting our industrial action, which we will take, rather than see our communities ravaged.

    Organised by Lambeth UNISON

    You can download publicity here