What’s Planned for Lambeth’s Libraries and How You Can Stop It

Posted: February 4, 2015 by blackdaffodil in Demonstrate, Rally & Occupy!, Libraries
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BBijt35CIAA4qkfLambeth Council have announced cuts to our Library Service:

  • Half of Lambeth’s Libraries under threat of closure
  • Immediate sell-off of Minet and Waterloo Libraries
  • Funding stopped to Carnegie, Durning and Upper Norwood Libraries
  •  Reduce size of West Norwood and Brixton Libraries
  •  Replace Libraries with bookshelves in pubs
From Saturday 7 February, we are asking people to fill out pages of our Save Libraries Book – “Save Our Libraries Because” with the reason they think Lambeth should save our libraries. If you can come to the library, come to the library — if the council have their way it won’t be a library much longer:


Saturday 7 February
3pm – 5pm
Minet Library, Knatchbull Road

If you can’t make it down to the Minet Library, you can still tweet a photo to Jane Edbrooke, Cabinet member responsible for Libraries (@JaneEdbrooke) and your local MP with the hashtag ‪#‎SaveLibraries. If you do not have a twitter account, send the photo to us at Save Lambeth Libraries and we will send it out for you.
  • Take a big piece of paper
  • Write “Save Our Libraries Because…” across the top
  • Fill in your reason – it can be something you’ve written, a quote or a picture
  • Send us a photo of yourself holding your “Save Our Libraries Because…” page, tweet it, post it…

You can read the full press release here, or download a pdf: PRESS RELEASE Library Workers Accuse Council of Insult to National Libraries Day after Cuts and Closures Announcement

We also hope you will write to your councillors and MP, and join us in protest as the council decides the budget on 25 March:


  1. Ann Brown says:

    I think that the Library should give users 2 free hours and if user wish to used the some or another computer for longer period of time, they should charge £1.00hr also I have notice that the computers for toddlers are not used in Clapham Library by the toddlers. Which should be open to other users. When there a high demand of damage computers. And if toddlers wishes to use compuers whilst being used by none toddler the users get a 10 min warning to log off. There may ways the library can make money!!