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Housing Activists Film Night
Saturday 26th April, 7:30pm
St Matthew’s Tenants Hall, 10 St Matthews Road, Brixton, SW2 1NH
Let us know you’re coming on facebook

A night of films celebrating the struggle for decent housing in our communities (part of the Radical Housing Weekender).

As the housing crisis in the capital deepens – with homelessness on the rise, one in ten London homes overcrowded, rents far outstripping earnings, and private landlords running amok – join us at St. Matthew’s Tenants Hall for a reminder of what can be achieved through collective action against these problems.

We will be showing a series of short films which give an insight into housing activism, past and present, and aim to provide acknowledgement and encouragement both to those who are precariously housed and those fighting to combat this social ill.

The films will show contemporary projects, such as the campaign to save and expand social housing in Cressingham Gardens, and inspirational historical examples, such as the co-operative living spaces established by the Brixton Faeries in the 1970s.

In addition to the short film screenings, there will be an opportunity to hear from activists and local residents and, most importantly, for discussion. There will be people from a number of different housing campaigning organizations in Brixton the E15 mothers a group of 29 young mothers organising’ to stop the hostel they live in being closed are coming to say a bit about their campaign. We will more during the week.

The films should be interesting but just as important is the opportunity for us all to spend some time socializing and having fun.

There are drinks at the bar.

Save Clapham Fire Station

Posted: March 3, 2013 by rabidleftwinger in Meeting

Clapham FBU have called a demonstration on Saturday 16th March against the closure of Clapham Fire Station. We need to work hard to make sure there’s a good turnout

There are two meetings this week to plan for the demonstration

On Monday 4th February, 7pm at the Bread and Roses (Clapham Manor Street, Clapham) there is a planning meeting specifically about the Clapham Fire Station closure and the demonstration

On Thursday 7th February, 6:30pm at the Vida Walsh Centre (Saltoun Road, Brixton) there is a general SOS planning meeting. We’ll be talking about Clapham Fire Station, but also feedback from our protest outside the town hall and how to take forward campaigns against other cuts

If you can’t make either meeting please contact us for details of how you can help

Stop Banker’s Speculating on Food

Posted: November 12, 2012 by rabidleftwinger in Meeting

South West London World Development Movement are organising a free film showing about food speculation.

***Free film night with short films and discussion***
Tuesday 13 November 19:00, Bread and Roses Pub, Clapham, SW4 6DZ
What’s wrong with the global food system? And how do we fix it?

1 billion people are starving while 1 billion are overweight.
Is it time for a food revolution?
Do you want to know what you can do about it?

We will show a selection of short films investigating the structural problems with the global food system, and practical solutions in the UK and overseas. There will be opportunity for discussion, and of course a pint, glass of wine or lime and soda. We look forward to seeing you on 13 November.

Venue: Bread and Roses Pub, Clapham Manor Street, SW4 6DZ

Let us know you’re coming on facebook

Which is sadly the opposite of what the council is bringing to libraries, though some of them may have bought their own misleading rhetoric which is as positive as can be.

The meeting was called by library staff to talk about what has to be done to preserve and improve our libraries in the face of the reports released on Monday wrapping up years of public consultations. While it is fairly certain that few people have actually read the reports — the size of large encyclopedia volumes, their faded text product of a failing photocopier — the summary from devoted library staff who have read them is that they say very little. “Punching at clouds” is a direct quote. Very heavy, impossible to read clouds.

The clear result of the consultation, however, is that people want to preserve all of Lambeth’s libraries, and they want professional librarians to run them. This does not mean they don’t want to be involved in libraries or volunteer in them, but they do not want to manage them or try to poorly cobble together an inferior service as a last ditch effort to save something so important to our community. It is a service that should be provided and paid for by the council from our taxes.

The stakes in this struggle are clear. Libraries are one of the great equalizers of our society, no? The place where poor and working-class kids can access books, learning, quiet time for themselves. While some people pretend that the technology gap in our society doesn’t exist, the libraries have been proving it wrong as kids come in to use the computers to do their homework and explore their world. The point was made that for disabled people, mobility is a huge issue, yet almost everyone lives within a mile of their local library branch. This is a safe place for them to come and be part of the community, and they have just managed to ensure that all library computers will be installed with the software making them accessible to the blind. Shutting down libraries is an attack on the poorest and most vulnerable residents in our community, but because they are one of the few places providing services for all levels of society where different people meet and mingle, their loss will have a large impact on all of us, no matter where we stand. Local governments closed 10% of libraries across the UK in the past year, and the future looks even bleaker.

So while the message from the community is clear — save libraries and their staff — the council seems to be ignoring it, and just carrying on with what they’ve been carrying on with. On the face of it the report says all libraries will be kept, and gives the welcome news of investment in the physical buildings. But dig a little deeper and you will see the following issues with it:

  • the fragmentation of library administration, which both sets branches and neighborhoods into competition with each other for funding, while also making it easier to privatise or sell individual branches in the future.
  • £750,000 to be cut from the budget,  but no real indication of from where
  • The suggestion that libraries will be converted into ‘community hubs‘, which invokes the possibility of a few books on a shelf and a few self-service machines counting as a library service. This could also serve to pit community organizations who need funding and space and see community hubs as an opportunity, against those wishing for libraries to remain fully staffed, fully funded, and with a full complement of resources and books.
  • Management reports making clear that 10 staff positions will be lost to help pay for the new self-service check out machines, but that has been nowhere stated in this report or public discussion. Originally, the machines were to have been brought in to free up librarian time to work with community and focus on additional programming. A beautiful dream now lost.

The problem of staffing is already a large one. On Sundays only four staff are working in the beautiful and very big central Brixton branch. Not enough. At least we are still better off than the village libraries of Cambridgeshire. They have cut staff so severely there is only one person working in the library at any given time, so in the interest of safety each library now has a strong room where the librarian can escape to in case of any trouble, bolting the door and calling the police. Possibly a great new plot for Jodie Foster to work with, but hardly a way to run a public resource.

There are also two discussions on that would in effect result in the loss of libraries. One is a proposal to move Streatham library off of the main street and into Gracefield Gardens, which everyone agrees would effectively kill it. The other has been the ongoing discussion of what to do with West Norwood library, putatively closed since its roof was stolen. The council neglect to say that the beautiful copper roof was in fact stolen over a period of ten days, and while it was reported to them they hired no security and took no action. They have spent £780,000 on repairs and could have reopened the library long ago. It turns out that most of the money was spent not on urgent structural repairs, but upon building a separate entrance to Nettlefold Hall, which contains a cinema. It also turns out that one of the “community partners” being claimed by the council and interested in buying the West Norwood property is a private picturehouse company.

This seems to show a bit of planning on the part of the council, a clear intention to unload services and sell off valuable real estate. That is the bottom line, underneath all the rhetoric of cooperation and consultation. They are trying to sell off public property and stop public services, which is why we are standing up to stop them.

A number of suggestions came out of the meeting about what to do next. There will be a delegation to next week’s council meeting, a petition, and a broad campaign not just to save our libraries, but to ensure the council funds libraries to provide the services we need. More will be coming soon with what you can do and how to get involved!

Ethelred Residents Against Transfer

Posted: April 10, 2012 by rabidleftwinger in Meeting

Ethelred Residents Against Transfer
Public meeting with Kate Hoey MP

Monday April 16th, 7pm
Carmelita Centre, corner Vauxhall Walk and Jonathon St SE11 5JT
Organised by Defend Council Housing

We Voted No!
Official Ballot Result:
NO – 240 (60.9%)
YES – 154 (39.1%) 

We now know that a clear majority of Ethelred residents voted against transfer to WATMOS. For months Lambeth denied that they had access to the results of how each estate voted. They finally released the figures when they were forced to by the Information Commissioners Office. But then only AFTER they had signed over the deeds to WATMOS.

From the beginning Lambeth has treated the residents of Ethelred with complete contempt and this is the final insult. They knew there was no mood for transfer in Ethelred so they deliberately set up the ballot to include two other estates where the TMOs were strongly in favour of transfer. Then they poured huge resources into convincing us to vote YES but when we voted NO they just went ahead regardless!

Residents and campaigners are challenging the whole way in which this ballot and transfer were organised, including local MP Kate Hoey who is taking up the issue directly with the government minister responsible. Come along to the public meeting to help make sure that everyone responsible for this disgusting swindle is held to account.

Fight for Public Services, not Cooperative Ones

Posted: March 24, 2012 by rabidleftwinger in Meeting

Lambeth Council is having public meetings trying to sell the idea of cooperative libraries. We hope to have a presence at these meetings to argue for publicly run libraries, not the quasi privatisation the council is proposing. If you can help out, please email us

David Rovics, a US left wing folk singer, is coming to Brixton. He will be at the Grosvenor, Sidney Street Stockwell, 8:30pm, Wednesday 28th March. Lambeth Save Our Services is having a stall there. If you can help out please email Chris

We’re having a stall by Streatham Common on Sunday 1st April to try and talk to people attending the Streatham Kite Day on why cooperative libraries are so bad. The stall will run from 11 to 5, but volunteers only need do a couple of hours. If you can help out please email Chris

No Ifs, no Buts, no Lambeth Council cuts

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There is a full council meeting on Wednesday 29th February to discuss the cuts they are making this year. There’s a demonstration outside the Town Hall at 6pm that evening. It is really important we get a big demonstration outside the meeting to try and convince them they shouldn’t make any cuts at all.

We hope to have a leaflet designed soon. If you know of a shop, community notice board, church hall, friends or anyone else who might be prepared to take one please email Ali to ask for a copy

Or you invite people via facebook

We will be keeping this website regularly updated with stories of why people are attending the demonstration. If you know of anyone, or are someone, who wants to talk about why Lambeth Council shouldn’t be making any cuts please email Chris

Between now and 29th February Chris will be feeding stories to the local press about the effects of cuts in Lambeth. If you have a story on how the cuts have affected you or someone you know please email Chris

Jeremy will be organising a People’s Assembly in March. If you want to help out please email Jeremy

The next meeting is on Thursday 19th January, 6:30pm at the Vida Walsh Centre, Saltoun Road, just off Windrush Square in Brixton. Please come to help us make the demonstration on 29th February huge.

Our next public meeting will be in central Brixton next Thursday. We will be discussing the riots, the cuts, and the impact on young people in the borough and we want to hear you views.

Please come and bring your friends, family and colleagues. You can also find the event on Facebook – please circulate widely and invite your friends!

Download the leaflet: After the riots: the future for young people leaflet Aug 2011

The highlights from last Thursday’s planning meeting were:

  • 30th June was great. About 80% of schools were shut, there were some big picket lines, there were about 200 people on the 10 o’clock rally and 30,000 on the central London demo
  • There will be a street party to resist the evictions at Clifton Mansions on Tuesday 12th July, 429 Coldharbour Lane, from 8am. Everyone is very welcome. For more information please email Tony
  • There’s a lobby of the governors of London South Bank University regarding lecturers pay at 3pm on Thursday 14th July. It’s at the campus on London Road, near Elephant and Castle tube. Anyone who belives in higher education is very welcome.
  • Lambeth TUC has called a meeting of the borough’s union reps on Thursday 14th July to discuss coordinating campaigns. It’s at 7:30pm in the Stockwell Community Resource Centre on Studley Road (round the back of Stockwell tube station). For more information please email Anton
  • We’re having a stall at the Lambeth Country Show on Saturday 16th July and Sunday 17th July. We need to staff it from 11 to 5 on both days. If you can help out please email Chris
  • At the Lambeth Country Show we’ll be distributing our new newsletter. If you have ideas for articles please email Stuart
  • There will be a lobby of the council on Thursday 21st July, 6pm, Lambeth Town Hall to stop them privatising jobs at the council call centre and moving the jobs to Southampton. For publicity please email Andy. If you can help distribute posters round Brixton please email Paul. If you can help distribute posters round Streatham please email Chris


  • Lambeth Libraries staff are likely to be on strike soon. Lambeth SOS sends its solidarity
  • One O’Clock club staff are trying to get motions supporting their service through local labour parties. If you know of anyone in the Lambeth Labour party who might be sympathetic please email Andy
  • Thursdays planning meeting

    Posted: July 5, 2011 by lambethsaveourservices in Meeting, Planning meeting minutes

    Hope everyone had fun  at the strikes, protests, pickets and festivals last week and is ready for this weeks planning meeting.

    Thursday 7th July – 6:30pm at the Vida Walsh Centre on Saltoun Road, just south of Windrush Square. Everyone is very welcome!

    The agenda is below. If you have anything to add please join our email discussion list and let us know.

    • Brief Report from J30 events, Streatham festival and others, specifically is there anything we can improve on for next time and is there anything that has come from it in terms of action going forward.
    • Prep for cross union planning meeting on the 14 July.
    • Libraries strike day – how can Lambeth SOS support it?
    • Need 3 people (or less if doubling up) to right 150-200 words for the next newsletter. Suggested topics are: what next after J30, health group update, welfare group update.
    • Action to support unison with axed call centre staff whose jobs are getting cut and outsourced to Southampton and are proposing strike action after meeting on Tuesday. Some suggestions so far include morning stalls at office and cold calling the centre repeatedly with anti cuts advice.
    • Start planning a meeting in Vassal ward – need volunteers to plan date & venue.
    • Lambeth county show and the urban green fair – arrange volunteers.
    • What to do with the “i love my library because” posters
    • Organise another SOS social
    • The first of the SOS political discussion event- agree a date and organisers.
    • AOB

    Don’t forget you can also see all our events on our calendar, you can also get regular updates from the group using our email lists and use the yahoo e-group to get involved. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.