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There’s been more media interest in the eviction of 30 year old squats in Rushcroft Road recently. We’ve had article in the Brixton Bugle and the Lambeth Weekender. We’ve had other media coverage previously


The Rushcroft Road squats were evicted, but it’s not too late to stop the eviction of other Lambeth short life housing coops. Please sign the petition against their eviction

In addition to stopping an eviction in Loughborough Junction last week, Lambeth Council also performed a U Turn and stopped the eviction of Jimmy Rogers, the founder of the Briuxton Top Cats basketball club, from his housing cooperative.

The story was covered by the Brixton Blog. The South London Press story is below

Congratulations to the Lambeth United Housing Cooperative for stopping this eviction

SLP Shortlife


Guest post by Julian Hall of the Lambeth United Housing Cooperative

Stoke on Trent has recently announced a social housing initiative of selling off rundown homes for a £1 and, issuing grants to repair them, was in the news – deservedly so.

It’s a different story in Lambeth though.

Here the council is evicting people who have maintained housing that the council abandoned for 40 years.

Now councillors – some of whom have been alive for less time than these housing co-ops have existed – are selling off these houses at auction.

This means that social housing units are being lost and people are being pushed on to an over-subscribed waiting list.

Evictions are going on all the time and you may have seen the recent splashes in the South London Press about this.

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