For the latest information on the campaign follow the Lambeth SOS blog on the main page.


  1. […] and Guinness Trust’s Loughborough Park Estate.  It’s not just housing, we all know libraries are on the cutting block this year, and the Save Earl’s Court folks were here too protesting […]

  2. […] can find more photos on Brixton Buzz, and get updates on the campaign to save libraries here. There will be a public meeting on 11 March to plan further campaign […]

  3. […] be follow-up meetings to pursue some of the concrete actions suggested (you can get the latest news here) and if interested in supporting the campaign or finding out how to have your own say on the […]

    • Angela Boyle says:

      Let’s not forget the public meetings associated with the Culture 2020 consultation. These opportunities “to discuss the future of parks, libraries, archives, events, sports and arts with the council officers and cabinet member” should not be missed.
      The next Culture 2020 conversation is to be held on 17 March at 6.30-8.30pm at Waterloo Action Centre, focusing on community libraries:

      Closely followed by the Myatts Field event focusing on libraries, parks and sport, to be held on 18th March at 7-9pm

      The next events:
      • Saturday 21 March, Culture 2020 Conversation at Karibu Centre, Brixton, 11am to 1pm (includes a parks and events workshop). Overlaps timewise with the Unite Community meeting
      • Wednesday 25 March, Culture 2020 Conversation at Platanos College – Clapham and Stockwell, 7pm to 9pm (includes a sports and getting active workshop).

      Pack them out if we can.

  4. Angela Boyle says:

    Janet MacLeod, organizer for UNITE the Union (and previously a librarian in Lambeth for fifteen years), has offered the campaign meeting South London Unite Community are holding on Saturday 21st March as a platform for developing action against all cuts, including Lambeth libraries. Vida Walsh Centre, 2B Saltoun Rd, London, Brixton SW2 1EP, 10.30am-12.00pm, Saturday 21st March.

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