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Feedback from our Peoples Assembly

Posted: May 27, 2011 by lambethsaveourservices in Feedback, Meeting

We had a feedback wall at last Saturdays Peoples Assembly and here are the results. I have also included some feedback and observations from the email lists. If YOU would like to leave some feedback (and we hope you do) then please use the comments section below this article.

Build A + E in Natwest – 28/5/11 at 12pm in Brixton – everyone come along!

28 May – come to new cross protest against closure of new cross library

Community day of action on 30 June – great idea!

Need crèche so more families can participate

Next steps – involve the community! Build a Lambeth SOS in Vassel War, leafleting all the estates in the area, get Kingsley to help mobile.

Great attempt – not quite a fully participatory assembly but a really good improvement on the traditional rally/speech fest. Proper feedback from workshops would have been good and vote on declaration wasn’t particularly democratic