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Lambeth Women’s Project is faced with eviction from it’s home in Stockwell Primary School. It has been there, providing a vital service, for over 30 years. We need to do everything we can to stop this. We have:

  • A stall in Brixton on Sunday 24th June, noon, Brixton Library. If you can help out please email Chris
  • An open Planning meeting, probably the evening of Tuesday 26th or Wednesday 27th, check the campaign website for details
  • A stall at the Acoustic Insurgency gig on Friday 29th June, 8pm, The Grosvenor, Sidney Street, Stockwell. If you can help out please email Chris
  • Please also support:

  • Stop Library Privatisation. Stall outside Brixton Library, Sunday 1st July, noon. If you can help out please email Chris
  • Pay Up. Force Sainsburys to pay their staff decently. Saturday 7th July, noon, Saisnburys Brixton. Please let us know you’re coming on facebook
  • Radical Clapham

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    Three points to plug from the last planning meeting:

  • At 7:30pm on Tuesday 22nd May South West London WDM is hosting a film evening “Films for the 99%”, in the Bread and Roses pub, Clapham. More details here. We’ve got permission to leaflet the event. Chris is organising the SOS presence at the event.
  • Southwark Keep Our NHS Public is holding a relaunch meeting on Saturday 16th June. We need people to leaflet the hospitals to advertise this meeting. If you can help out please email Jeremy and he’ll tell you what times are available
  • Kings College Hospital is planning to privatise it’s dispensing pharmacy and hand it to Sainsburys. We’re planning a big campaign around this, supported by the Unite union in the hospital, more details soon. Until then, please email us for a model motion for you to propose to your local union branch.
  • Planning Meeting Minutes for 3rd May

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    Minutes Lambeth SOS 3rd May meeting
    22 present, Ruth Chair, Stuart Minutes
    1. Keep Our NHS Public Meeting – 16 June at South Bank University. Agreed to sponsor this meeting against Lansley’s NHS Act and ongoing privatisation in NHS.

    Since SOS meeting a planning meeting has been organised for 7.30 pm Wed 16 May at Southbank Uni contact details room etc.
    2. Report on One O’clock Clubs – likely to be further reductions in hours to avoid costs of TUPE transfer to some private trust etc. Clubs being run down with soft toys and dressing up clothes taken away by managers for cleaning and not being returned months later. Budget for incidental social running costs this year NIL compared to £240 last year – own centre fundraising, raffles etc now not allowed.
    Discussed potential dangers of in-house bid when the transfer came up. Some thought it was worth doing but on the basis of quality of provision not on cheapness.


  • We’re doing an article for Unison Bulletin/SOS website
  • We’re trying to organise a lobby of Rachel Heywood (the councillor in charge)
  • Also reported that mergers “restructuring” planned for Children Centres, consultation ongoing, and nursery schools had had staff cut from 5 to 4.
    3. Libraries
    Numbers of people put in consultation forms. Council is likely to set up fake Coop while the new Library in Clapham could well be handed over to Greenwich Leisure, whose Library workers are on strike this week in that borough. Ruth reported that a defend Libraries event was being planned for Brixton central Library.
    In Upper Norwood – the joint Library with Croydon. Croydon having threatened to withdraw their grant was now launching a “consultation” and could force sale of building.
    Important date for future plans for Libraries in Borough was the September meeting of the Cabinet.
    4. Any Other Business
    UK Uncut invited everyone to their Street parties on 26 may


    NHS Actions

    – Saturday Simon Hughes office lobby 10-12am

    – March 7: TUC backed Rally to save our NHS. Lobby at Westminster Idea to have a human chain around St Thomas’. Lambeth SOS has backed it. Come one come all and spread the word.

    Connexions, national careers service, in Brixton on Acre Lane is shutting at the end of March. There’s a petition against the closure to sign and circulate. Unison is working on campaigning against it and lobbying the council.

    Press release and website statement coming.

    London Region RMT invited SOS to speak to them. Next Thursday evening – Couple of people are going. Anyone else who wants to go is welcome to join.


    Lambeth Pan Disability Forum are mobilizing for it. South London DPAC and Lambeth Accessible Transport will join us.

    UK Uncut are really keen to support the town hall demo – putting lots of publicity and info on it


    Please sign up to join in the comments as well to spread the word out! Postcards, flyers are available at the UNISON office.


    Stockwell: Tuesday, Feb 21 – 4:45-6pm

    Oval: Wednesday, Feb 22 – 4:45-6pm

    Kennington: Thursday, Feb 23 – 4:45-6pm

    Brixton: Friday, Feb 24 – 4:45-6pm

    Anybody is welcome to join or do any other time or station, please add a comment or use the discussion email list so that we don’t duplicate effort!


    The key points from the last planning meeting were:

  • The 30th November almost general strike was amazing, but you’ve probably read about that elsewhere on this site. If you’ve got a good story to tell please email Ali so we can add it to the website
  • Croydon Council is threatening to withdraw funding from Upper Norwood Library, funded jointly with Lambeth. There is an active campaign to stop this happening, and to stop the library from closing if it does. To help with this campaign please email Stuart
  • We’re producing a leaflet giving details of what we’ve done this year that we can use for outreach. If you have want to get involved, or have a good story to tell, please email Chris
  • We hope to have a public meeting on what the cooperative council is and why it is bad sometime early in the new year. Watch this space for details

    Our next meeting is on Thursday 15th November, 6:30pm at the Vida Walsh Centre on Saltoun Road (just off Windrush Square). Everyone is very welcome

  • The highlights from last Thursday’s planning meeting were:

  • 30th June was great. About 80% of schools were shut, there were some big picket lines, there were about 200 people on the 10 o’clock rally and 30,000 on the central London demo
  • There will be a street party to resist the evictions at Clifton Mansions on Tuesday 12th July, 429 Coldharbour Lane, from 8am. Everyone is very welcome. For more information please email Tony
  • There’s a lobby of the governors of London South Bank University regarding lecturers pay at 3pm on Thursday 14th July. It’s at the campus on London Road, near Elephant and Castle tube. Anyone who belives in higher education is very welcome.
  • Lambeth TUC has called a meeting of the borough’s union reps on Thursday 14th July to discuss coordinating campaigns. It’s at 7:30pm in the Stockwell Community Resource Centre on Studley Road (round the back of Stockwell tube station). For more information please email Anton
  • We’re having a stall at the Lambeth Country Show on Saturday 16th July and Sunday 17th July. We need to staff it from 11 to 5 on both days. If you can help out please email Chris
  • At the Lambeth Country Show we’ll be distributing our new newsletter. If you have ideas for articles please email Stuart
  • There will be a lobby of the council on Thursday 21st July, 6pm, Lambeth Town Hall to stop them privatising jobs at the council call centre and moving the jobs to Southampton. For publicity please email Andy. If you can help distribute posters round Brixton please email Paul. If you can help distribute posters round Streatham please email Chris


  • Lambeth Libraries staff are likely to be on strike soon. Lambeth SOS sends its solidarity
  • One O’Clock club staff are trying to get motions supporting their service through local labour parties. If you know of anyone in the Lambeth Labour party who might be sympathetic please email Andy
  • Thursdays planning meeting

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    Hope everyone had fun  at the strikes, protests, pickets and festivals last week and is ready for this weeks planning meeting.

    Thursday 7th July – 6:30pm at the Vida Walsh Centre on Saltoun Road, just south of Windrush Square. Everyone is very welcome!

    The agenda is below. If you have anything to add please join our email discussion list and let us know.

    • Brief Report from J30 events, Streatham festival and others, specifically is there anything we can improve on for next time and is there anything that has come from it in terms of action going forward.
    • Prep for cross union planning meeting on the 14 July.
    • Libraries strike day – how can Lambeth SOS support it?
    • Need 3 people (or less if doubling up) to right 150-200 words for the next newsletter. Suggested topics are: what next after J30, health group update, welfare group update.
    • Action to support unison with axed call centre staff whose jobs are getting cut and outsourced to Southampton and are proposing strike action after meeting on Tuesday. Some suggestions so far include morning stalls at office and cold calling the centre repeatedly with anti cuts advice.
    • Start planning a meeting in Vassal ward – need volunteers to plan date & venue.
    • Lambeth county show and the urban green fair – arrange volunteers.
    • What to do with the “i love my library because” posters
    • Organise another SOS social
    • The first of the SOS political discussion event- agree a date and organisers.
    • AOB

    Don’t forget you can also see all our events on our calendar, you can also get regular updates from the group using our email lists and use the yahoo e-group to get involved. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

    The highlights from the last planning meeting were:

    • John Healey, Shadow Health Secretary and Gail Cartmail, Assistance General Secretary of Unite, are speaking at a “Lambeth Together for the NHS” meeting at the Stockwell Community Resource Centre, on Studley Road. It’s on Tuesday 7th June, 7pm. If you’re thinking of coming please email Teresa so we can look out for you
    • Lambeth Council are trying to turn Max Roach Adventure Playground into a community cooperative after all full time staff are fired at the end of the summer holidays and have set up the Friends of Max Roach park to help implement this. There is a meeting on Friday 10th June about this. Grace will be attending the meeting to argue that the friends should be campaigning for a council service rather than attempting to run a community cooperative. If you live locally, have children and want to join her please email Grace
    • Several Trade Unions are taking coordinated industrial action on 30th June. We hope to organise an event in Windrush Square on that day to show community support for this action. Watch this space for details. If you’re interested in helping organise this event please email Rebecca
    • We’re doing a newsletter on how people are affected by the cuts. If you have a good idea for an article please email Ruth
    • Lambeth SOS will be at the Lambeth Country Show on 16th and 17th July, the Urban Green Fair on 4th September and (hopefully) the Streatham Festival on 2nd July. Please keep these dates free. If you can help out on our stall please email Chris

    See below for the minutes of our latest meeting including a list of where and when we will be leafleting and building for this Saturdays huge protest in London. Let us know in the comments if you can help out!


    Minutes 17th Feb (and older 3rd Feb)

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    Minutes of Lambeth SOS Thursday 17 February


    1) Reports
    2) Building for 23 February council lobby (another post above)
    3) Publicity
    4) Proposal for rally on 7 March
    5) AOB