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Lambeth People’s Assembly Organisers Update

Posted: September 16, 2013 by lambethsaveourservices in People's Assembly
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Hi Everyone,


Autumn has arrived and so it is time to finalise the plans for the Lambeth People’s Assembly on November 2nd and to start inviting as many people as possible. To do this we need your help.


If you haven’t already you need to JOIN THE YAHOO EMAIL GROUP to get on the discussion list, get all the info, and be able to contact everyone else. 

To join the email group go to click JOIN and complete the sign up.  You need a free account but you can sign in with Facebook or Google if you don’t already have a yahoo account. If you have any problems please reply to this email.

Once you are a member of the yahoo group you can then email all other members by emailing Please use it wisely.


Sub groups – update on Thursday

Hopefully you are already in your workshop groups and have been working out your plans for the day.

So far the workshop groups themes are (titles to be confirmed):


Defending the NHS

Attacks on Rights

Building Trade Unions

Welfare & Benefits



Gentrification & affordable housing

Democracy & representation




NHS Actions

– Saturday Simon Hughes office lobby 10-12am

– March 7: TUC backed Rally to save our NHS. Lobby at Westminster Idea to have a human chain around St Thomas’. Lambeth SOS has backed it. Come one come all and spread the word.

Connexions, national careers service, in Brixton on Acre Lane is shutting at the end of March. There’s a petition against the closure to sign and circulate. Unison is working on campaigning against it and lobbying the council.

Press release and website statement coming.

London Region RMT invited SOS to speak to them. Next Thursday evening – Couple of people are going. Anyone else who wants to go is welcome to join.


Lambeth Pan Disability Forum are mobilizing for it. South London DPAC and Lambeth Accessible Transport will join us.

UK Uncut are really keen to support the town hall demo – putting lots of publicity and info on it


Please sign up to join in the comments as well to spread the word out! Postcards, flyers are available at the UNISON office.


Stockwell: Tuesday, Feb 21 – 4:45-6pm

Oval: Wednesday, Feb 22 – 4:45-6pm

Kennington: Thursday, Feb 23 – 4:45-6pm

Brixton: Friday, Feb 24 – 4:45-6pm

Anybody is welcome to join or do any other time or station, please add a comment or use the discussion email list so that we don’t duplicate effort!


If you watch one video today this 3 minute YouTube clip from UNITE the Union would be a great place to start.

This list will be updated as more come in. If you know one we have missed please post a comment at the bottom of the post.

Lambeth Council

All pickets from 7am to 10.45pm (at least).

Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton – 2-7 Town Hall Parade, Porden Road, SW2 5RW (behind the Town Hall)

Phoenix House – 10 Wandsworth Road, Vauxhall, SW8 2LL (over the road from Vauxhall tube station)

International House – 6 Canterbury Crescent, Brixton, SW9 7QE (behind Brixton police station)

Olive Morris House – 18 Brixton Hill, SW2 1RL (more…)

Lambeth SOS Newsletter for June 2011

Posted: June 28, 2011 by lambethsaveourservices in Newsletter
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In preparation for Thursdays (June 30) mass day of action in the borough checkout our new A4 newsletter – grab a copy and send it to all your friends, colleagues and comrades.

It also comes with a poster on the back that you should stick in your front window when you have finished reading – I can’t wait to spot these across the borough – if you see one about drop a comment below!

Download the PDF: Lambeth Save our Service’s June 2001 Newsletter. Issue 1.


We are now facing the myriad of cuts as they come through thick and fast, devastating everything we have fought for and built over the years. The community meeting was the first step in fighting the cuts to youth services.

Everyone in that room on Tuesday night said things far more powerfully and beautifully that I could do. Here are some of the highlights I jotted down (and apologies for sketchy notes and no pictures!). I felt immensely proud to be part of this community as I sat and listened:

“It’s so cynical how the council is running things down, they know young people can’t fight back and can’t vote. The council is saying they are protecting front-line services but they are not at all protected. We are not open tonight, we might not be open tomorrow night.”

“The kids at Max Roach are a family, they stick by each other. This will break down this family, the spirit and unity of the community. As a single parent my son doesn’t have a male role model, but black role models are exactly what the centre provides, they make sure our sons have something to aspire to. If people don’t stand up and fight together nothing will change, and things will just get worse.”


Known as Los Años Dorados to those of our elders for whom this day centre is a lifeline, today they turned out in force to Phoenix House in the first action to preserve it.

Day centres provide a resource for the entire community, build well being, create a place of safety and ensure that someone is watching out for each and every one of our seniors. I find it so infuriating that Golden Years is being cut, particularly as it serves a community for whom English is a second language and who are even more at risk of isolation.

But I confess I am inspired by my elders.


Tonight planning meeting is a 6:30PM in the Vida Walsh Centre in Brixton (just off Windrush square). Please come along, bring friends and get involved with the campaign against cuts in Lambeth Services.


  1. Feedback from 23 Feb demo & occupation
  2. Report back on Saturday’s benefit gig
  3. 7 march public meeting?
  4. London-wide anti-cuts meeting 9 March at Cock Tavern
  5. 26 march – General preparations and South London feeder march
  6. South London planning meeting Monday 7 March at South Bank University at 6.30
  7. Megaphone & other equipment
  8. Meetings on estates with TRAs
  9. St George’s Hospital/Kingston Hospital
  10. Where next after occupation? Ideas for the next one!
  11. Donate pizzas to Wisconsin occupiers (perhaps with solidarity message linking to our own occupation)? Can be done online

It’s looking pretty long but hopefully some items can be dealt with quickly.

We also have some more videos on youtube (Thanks Mandy) and some more photos courtesy of Grace Wong (Thanks!)


It felt extraordinary! As we massed on the steps, the crowd outside was so impressive, and the noise was like nothing, absolutely nothing I have ever heard before, as the cars, trucks and buses passing all slowed down, cheering and honking to show their support.

It was tricky even getting in. And so we got fed up and took democracy into our own hands. This is what it felt like as we forced our way up the stairs and into the main council chamber after they refused to even let us into the overflow room to hear our people testifying to the council:

I’m usually the one with the camera, so it is magic to have someone else catch my face (and Ali’s!) at such a moment of happiness (photo by Guy Smallman, he’s got some great pics!). I found my face featuring heavily in the Socialist Worker article; I’m not swp, but I loved that so many groups were able to come together to pull off such an incredible night.

I’m late writing this up due to exhaustion and another day of protest yesterday, and you can read the full coverage from the Guardian here. We heard this article some time after midnight, sitting in the Brixton Bar and Grill and clustered around Andy as he read it off of his phone. The victory was particularly sweet as a section of Lambeth’s Labour Council was also in the Brixton Bar and Grill, we spotted them in their suits as soon as we entered the door. Celebrating one would guess. Some words were exchanged, some hilarious dancing, but no blows. I twittered that their hangover was going to be far worse than mine, and doubtless I was right. Especially since it’s a cocktail of liquor, guilt and responsibility for carrying out this unprecedented attack on the welfare state.

Not us of course, we were celebrating a victory in the good fight, and the Guardian article was just icing. What got the most cheers upon reading was this: “Demonstrators ranging from trade unionists to pensioners occupied the chamber for more than an hour, taking their seats in what they called a ‘People’s Assembly'” because Lambeth SOS is both big and diverse and it’s a shame that the council tries to brand us otherwise. My favourite though, was “Alex Bigham, a Labour councillor, said that the meeting had been moved to an assembly room after it was disrupted by ‘quite organised protesters'”. Damn straight we are ‘quite organised’. The cuts affect up to a thousand jobs, not just people’s quality of life, but their ability to live itself. This budget will devastate both workers and those who need and deserve the services that they provide.

So a brief rundown on the assembly! Ruth presided over the voting as Mayor of Lambeth, as we voted down a budget that will destroy everything we have fought to build since World War II.

We had a number of great speakers, I can’t do them justice, and am still a bit too tired to try! But these were my favourites, demanding we save adventure playgrounds (pic also by Guy Smallman):

The People’s Assembly support them unequivocally. As we did libraries, park rangers, teachers, school crossing patrols, pensioners, nurses and the NHS, the RMT (who were brilliant by the way, though we could have used their heft getting up the stairs!), students who joined us from the UCL occupation, and everyone else who makes Lambeth a great place to live.  This is just one more step forward, for more info on what’s coming up or how to support, go to

For more written on the events, look at the Urban75 blog, London Indymedia, and the Coalition of Resistance webpage.

Here are some photos from last nights amazing protest where Lambeth SOS and the people of South London occupied Lambeth Town hall’s Council Chamber. Have any more? Get In Touch