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Lambeth Save Our Services is proud to support the following demonstration

UCU poster

You can download this poster in .pdf form here

We’ll be assembling in Kennington Park at 10.30am so bring a pack lunch and all the banners, instruments and home made placards you can carry. The feeder march has been called by Lambeth SOS, Southwark SOS & Lewisham Anti-Cuts Alliance.

The ConDems want working class communities to bear the brunt of the economic crisis. And they are using the crisis as a cover for their ideological plans to break up the welfare state. These ‘austerity’ cuts are totally unnecessary. Why should bankers continue raking in fat bonuses while our jobs, services and communities are destroyed? In Lambeth alone the Council are making 37million in cuts this year but across the country people are beginning to fight back…

  • GPs, Unions and patient groups are uniting to keep the NHS public and to keep the market and the private profiteers out.
  • Students and staff have taken to the streets in their tens of thousands to stop funding cuts in education at all levels.
  • In Lambeth, parents and play workers are uniting against the closure of adventure playgrounds and youth clubs. Thousands have signed the petition to stop all the park rangers being sacked. Workers in the libraries and in Lambeth Living are balloting for strike action in response to Council plans to close 4 libraries, 2 mobile libraries and to cut frontline services on housing estates.

Lambeth SOS is an umbrella organisation of local trade unionists, community organisations, pensioners and students working to support & build every struggle against cuts, to save services, to stop job losses and to bring down the ConDems!

Join the national demonstration on March 26th and get in touch at Our next open meetings are on Thursday 17th and 31st March at 6.30pm in the Vida Walsh Centre, Saltoun Road, Brixton.

Wednesday 2nd Feb – Planning meeting tonight!

18:30 at the town hall in Brixton.

There is a room booked under UNISON tonight for our next planning meeting.  As always everyone is encouraged to come along, bring friends, and get involved in Lambeth Save Our Services.  Discussion will be focussed on preparing for Monday and Saturdays protests.

Thursday 3rd Feb – Lambeth United Rally against the ConDem Cuts

19:00 Coin St Neighbourhood Centre, Stamford St SE1.

Lambeth Trade Union Council have a rally in the north of the borough – near Waterloo – with lots of speakers including several from Lambeth Save Our Services. More info on this post from Monday

Saturday 5th Feb – National Save Libraries Day

12:00 Windrush Square, Brixton, outside Brixton Library.

Lambeth UNISON, Save Lambeth Libraries & Lambeth Save our Services, Friends of Libraries and others will be protesting about the impact of the Councils budget decisions on Libraries. Protests are happening against library cuts all over the country, in Lambeth both mobile libraries are to be closed, many job losses are planned and its very likely that several libraries will close. More info is available on our new libraries page. A flyer is also available.

Monday 7 Feb – Lambeth SOS lobby the Council Cabinet

18:00 Outside the town hall, Brixton

This is the big one! On monday the council cabinet vote through their cuts budget after an awful consultation period. We have to make them hear that the people of Lambeth did not elect a labour council to close vital services and sack up to a thousand staff whilst paying their chief executive $200k+. Join us and bring all your  friends and family to make this stop! More info on the 7th Feb protest.

Also we will be postering, leafletting and building for the protest on Monday all week – if you want to help please come to our planning meeting tonight or get in touch

Around 200 people amassed outside southwark town hall today to protest aginst the 33 million in cuts to the council budget. The police tried in vain to only allow a small group with banners in front of the town hall by locking the gates and marshalling people across the road to the designated demonstration area. When the crowd including Lambeth SOS members politely refused a council worker eventually opened the gates and the protest continued.

There were ad hoc speakers from various local organisations and campaigns, including Southwark SOS, trade unions and members of the occupation at Camberwell School of Art. The atmosphere was good with some excellent home made banners.

A number of people went into the public gallery where inside the Labour run council was deciding its budget for 2011 – The government is cutting funding to Southwark by 31% leading to £33 million in devastating cuts to local services.