Public meeting Thurs 18 Aug – Defending our communities: The future of children and young people in Lambeth

Posted: August 12, 2011 by lambethsaveourservices in Children and Young People, Meeting
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Our next public meeting will be in central Brixton next Thursday. We will be discussing the riots, the cuts, and the impact on young people in the borough and we want to hear you views.

Please come and bring your friends, family and colleagues. You can also find the event on Facebook – please circulate widely and invite your friends!

Download the leaflet: After the riots: the future for young people leaflet Aug 2011

  1. derfe says:

    People are angry because they cannot find a job .So give the well mannered 16-17yr olds a job , looking after the children at £4 per hour , providing good role-models for the young ones. This could even be a self-sustaining youth service, with parents paying 60p per hour per kid or so. This would enable people to provide youth services despite the cuts in the budgets for youth services. once these young people are incubated in this service , the postcode gangland sectarianism which plagues our part of south london, would be mitigated against because we could provide a coherent world-view that would in 2-3 years see a profound difference for the better in these young people .

  2. Lambeth Mediation are holding a dialogue event about the London riots in Lambeth. It is on 1st September 6.30pm @the Brix at St Mathews, Brixton Hill. We want to get as many different parts of the community to come together for the dialogue – residents, young people, parents and local groups and businesses,etc, even those that may seem to be opposed to each other, to have a voice, whatever it is they want to say, and a chance to speak about feelings and concerns linked to the riots and to each other.To discuss why the riots happened, is it the cuts, what is the impact of the causes and effects of the riots on the Lambeth community. What about going forward? And we want groups who are in contact with different sectors of the community in Lambeth and who know their concerns to be there to bring relevant issues and participate. We also hope to get speakers from various groups etc, including the black community.

    So come along to be part of this local dialogue. Email to attend or phone Alex or Jai on 0208 678 6046. Come to the Brix@ St Mathews, Brixton Hill 1st Sept 6.30pm and be prompt to ensure you can get in.