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SLP letters

Earlier this month the Lambeth United Housing Co-operative organised a photo call in defence of their housing co-ops. This event was extensively covered by last week’s local press. We’ve now received several follow up letters in this week’s South London Press. Congratulations to the Lambeth United Housing Co-operative for getting such good publicity



Congratulations to the Lambeth United Housing Cooperative for organising such a good photo call of celebrities and local supporters last Wednesday. The turnout was good and the media attention was great, with a half page article in the South London Press.

The campaign also got on the BBC, in particular:

  • The campaign was mentioned frequently on BBC Radio London News. See for example, this link to the drive time program, about 1hr 8 minutes in (link expires on 12th March)
  • The campaign got an article on the BBC news website, see here
  • Various other local news outlets covered the story, including South London Guardian and This is Local London

    These articles raise some important issues. There’s a post on the Lambeth United Housing Co-operative website to discuss them.

    Thanks to everyone for making this day such a success.

    We got a quote on the front page of this month’s Brixton Bugle

    Brixton Bugle

    The quote mentions the short life housing coops the council are trying to sell off. If the council do sell all of them it will be bad but we do have the power to stop it. Please come to the photo call on Wednesday 5th March to show your opposition to selling social housing and support for genuinely affordable accommodation for all

    Stop Asset Stripping
    Photo call – Don’t Evict Martiza – Stop selling social housing in Lambeth!
    Wednesday 5th March, 11am
    22 Lillieshall Road, London SW4

    With Maggi Hambling, Kate Hoey MP, Mark Thomas and Vivienne Westwood
    All welcome – please come and show your support for social housing

    (Note: There’s a “spin off” photo call at 10am on Wednesday. If people can make the 10am and 11am photo call at Lillieshall Road that would be great, but if you if you can’t make both, prioritise the 11am photo op)

    On Wednesday 5th March Lambeth residents and campaigners, including designer and activist Vivienne Westwood, comedian and activist Mark Thomas, artist Maggi Hambling and Kate Hoey MP, will meet in Lillieshall Road, London SW4 to protest against Lambeth Council’s sale of long-standing housing co-operatives.

    All those gathered for this photo op have pledged to defend residents of these housing co-ops against evictions, and have stated: “We will stand with housing co-op residents when they refuse to leave their home, if Lambeth go through with their threat to send bailiffs to evict them”

    You can make this pledge too. If you’d like to do so please contact Lambeth Housing Activists

    More details on Maritza’s case is here

    Can everyone please join us to show their support for Maritza and for the Lambeth United Housing Coop. It is really important we show how determined we are to campaign. We’ve supported the Lambeth Housing Cooperative before and we stopped the eviction of Jimmy Rogers from his housing coop due to public pressure, we can do the same for Maritza too.

    SOS pic
    Congratulations to the Lambeth United Housing Coop for getting a special feature of BBC Inside Out London. You can watch the film here

    Last Wednesday (29th) there was a protest outside Lambeth Town Hall in support of the Don’t Evict Maritza campaign. This protest was covered by the Brixton Blog and SWLondoner. Thanks to all who attended

    The campaign to save the short life housing cooperatives in Lambeth has been getting very good media coverage. Not only has it got in the local press (see here and here) but it’s also got in the national press. The Guardian published an article in December and the New Statesman published an article in January

    This is clearly a popular campaign, and one Lambeth SOS urges all our supporters to get involved with. Watch this space, or contact us, for more details on how

    Lambeth United Housing Coop have just released the following press release. You can find more details on the campaign here

    Stop selling social housing

    On Wednesday 29th January Lambeth residents and campaigners will meet outside Lambeth Town Hall, in Brixton, to protest against the council’s sale of long-standing housing co-operatives. At the lobby Lambeth councillors will be asked to sign a specific pledge against the eviction of long-term housing co-op resident Maritza Tschepp:

    We the undersigned pledge to stand with Maritza and her family when they refuse to leave their home, if Lambeth go through with their threat to send bailiffs to evict her in order to sell off the property.

    Maritza’s story
    Maritza Tschepp and her family have lived in their home for 33 years. Their house was among those compulsory purchased by Lambeth for demolition for a couple of thousand pounds in the 1970s and left to rot. The council allowed ‘shortlife’ co-ops to be set up, run by the people like Maritza who were occupying and maintaining the houses. But Lambeth are now destroying these co-ops and selling off the properties with no acknowledgement of the blood, sweat and tears of the ‘short lifers’, who saved these homes from dereliction.

    At a time when waiting lists for council housing are at record levels it is a crime for Lambeth to sell social housing.

    Maritza has also invested in her community, setting up a local youth group and running it as an unpaid volunteer for over 20 years, but Lambeth has shown no concern about keeping people in homes and communities where they have lived and worked for so long.

    If Lambeth send bailiffs we will stand with Maritza to resist this unjust eviction.
    Don’t let ‘the Cooperative Council’ evict Maritza’s family from their housing co-op.
    Lobby Lambeth Council
    6pm, Wednesday 29th January,
    Lambeth Town Hall

    Pledge your support to stop the eviction by contacting Lambeth Housing Activists on

    Stop Asset Stripping
    Lambeth Council are organising a Leader’s Question Time this Thursday 16th January. The Lambeth United Housing Cooperative will be there putting questions about the Don’t Evict Maritza campaign. We urge all our supporters to join them.

    There’s two ways you can help

    • Join the demonstration outside the meeting. It’s at 6:30pm, outside Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre, 309 Streatham High Road, SW16 6HX. There’s a map here
    • Come inside the meeting (also at Streatham Leisure Centre) and offer support. If possible please reserve tickets here, but there may be tickets available on the night

    This event replaces our regular planning meeting

    40 year old communities
    Lambeth Council is currently trying to evict Maritza from her “short life” housing cooperative where she’s lived for over 30 years. When she moved in her home was in a terrible state and it was her blood, sweat and tears that saved the home from demolition. Now the council want to hand her home to property developers

    You can read more on Maritza’s case here

    Lambeth Housing Activists have called a lobby of the council later this month. Lambeth SOS urges all our supporters to attend

    Don’t Evict Maritza
    Don’t let the Lambeth Council evict Maritza’s family from their Stockwell home
    Demonstrate – 6pm – Wednesday 29th January – Lambeth Town Hall
    Organised by Lambeth Housing Activists

    You can download publicity here. Please also sign the petition, and forward it to all your friends.

    We need to do lots of work to advertise this. Here’s how you can help:

    • Come to our stall on Saturday 11th January, 2pm, outside South Lambeth Library. Contact us to let us know if you’re coming
    • Come to our stall on Sunday 12th January, 2pm, outside Stockwell tube. Contact us to let us know if you’re coming
    • If you’re in a residents’ group or trade union ask them to come to the lobby. Contact us if you need any help
    • Download the publicity and forward it to all your friends