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Demonstrate to Defend Our Fire Service

  • No station closures
  • No cuts to fire engine numbers
  • No increase in 999 response times
  • March to stop the cuts

    Assemble: 11:30am on Thursday 18 July
    The Monument, Fish Street Hill, London, EC3R 6DB

    More information here

    Clapham Fire Station Demonstration Fire Engine
    Thanks to all the people who have signed the petition to Save Clapham Fire Station, over one thousand people so far.

    We’ll be handing the petitions in later this week, and are having a photo call of supporters outside the fire station before we do. Local trades unionists, local residents and local councillors will be there, and the South London Press is interested.

    Photo call – Save Clapham Fire Station
    Tuesday 11th June, 6pm – 6:15pm
    Outside Clapham Fire Station

    Please come to show your support for the fire station.

    Also, there is still time to respond to the consultation, you can do so here. For our campaign the most important question is question 24: “Do you agree or disagree with the reductions in fire stations, fire engines and firefighter posts?”. Almost all other questions are optional, you need only answer them if you have time and you have a strong opinion on the subject

    Child Fire Station demo
    Congratulations to everyone who came to the demonstration and consultation meeting on Thursday. We got over 100 people on a really lively and colourful demonstration with more people joining us at the meeting. At the meeting I think we made our points well and made the commissioner and the chair of the London Fire Authority feel very uncomfortable.

    Particular congratulations to Bridget for organising a vote at the meeting, in the teeth of the chair’s opposition, that showed nobody in the meeting supported the fire station closures. You can see a video of below

    The event was reported by the SW Londoner and the Wandsworth Guardian. We also saw journalists from the Brixton Blog and the South London Press at the demo so we should get coverage there too.

    We now need to decide the next steps for the campaign. We’re having a campaign meeting this Tuesday

    Planning Meeting – Next steps for Clapham Fire Station Campaign
    Tuesday 21st May, 7pm
    Bread and Roses pub, Clapham Manor Street

    (we’re generally in the room at the back)


    The Fire Brigades Union have called a demonstration in just under two weeks time

    Demonstration – Save Clapham Fire Station
    Thursday 16th May, 6:30pm
    Assemble at Brixton Fire Station, Gresham Road, SW9 7NP
    March to Lambeth Town Hall for the consultation meeting

    Let us know you’re coming on facebook

    Between now and then we need to make sure everyone knows about this event.

    We’ll be holding three leafletting sessions:

  • Friday 10th May, from 5:30pm at Brixton tube. If you can help out please email Stuart:
  • Sunday 12th May, 2pm in Clapham. If you can help out please email
  • Monday 13th May, 6pm at Brixton tube. If you can help out please email Lois:
  • If you can only make one event, please come to the Sunday event.

    We will also be taking posters round shops:

  • If you have help taking posters round Streatham shops please contact Chris on
  • If you can help take posters round Vauxhall shops please contact Rahul on
  • If you can help take posters round Brixton shops please contact Ruth on
  • Even if you can’t make any of these sessions you can still help:

  • If you’re in a union, propose a motion to support the fire fighters. A sample motion is available here
  • Take some leaflets advertising the demo round your friends and neighbours. You can pick up hard copies from the fire station, or you can download soft copies here
  • Hope to see you soon.


    The London Fire Brigades Union have called a demonstration against the closure of Clapham Fire Station

    Demonstrate – Don’t shut London’s Fire Stations
    Thursday 16th May, 6:30pm
    Assemble Brixton Fire Station, Gresham Road
    March to Lambeth Town Hall for the consultation meeting

    You can download publicity here and here

    We need help to get the word out:

  • We’re having stalls in Clapham most weekends. If you can help out please email Chris on
  • If you’re in a trade union, please ask your branch to pass a motion supporting the firefighters. A sample motion is here
  • Can you take leaflets round your neighbours? If you can please contact us as we may be able to put you in touch with other activists who can help