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Clapham Fire Station Saved

Posted: July 15, 2013 by rabidleftwinger in Uncategorized

Clapham Fire Station Demonstration Fire Engine
The London Fire Authority published revised proposals earlier this week. You can see a summary of their proposals here

The good news is that the have proposed Clapham Fire Station will remain open, albeit with the loss of one fire engine. For the people who live in or near Clapham this is really good news. This victory belongs to the 300 people who turned up the demonstration in March and the 200 people who turned up to the consultation meeting in May. It belongs to the people who collected signatures on the petition, and the 4,500 people who signed it. Thank you to you all.

This story was covered in the Brixton Blog and SWLondoner

But serious cuts are still proposed. Not just the one fire engine at Clapham but ten fire stations across London that are proposed to be cut. To campaign against this the London Fire Brigades Union have called a demonstration this Thursday when the London Assembly will consider the London Fire Authority’s report:

Demonstrate to Defend Our Fire Service
No station closures, No cuts to fire engine numbers, No increase in 999 response times
March to stop the cuts
Assemble: 11:30am on Thursday 18 July
The Monument, Fish Street Hill, London, EC3R 6DB
Called by London Fire Brigades Union

The Save Clapham Fire Station campaign, which Lambeth Save Our Services supports, is on the front page of this month’s Brixton Bugle

This is in addition to the coverage the demonstration got in the South London Press, Wandsworth Guardian and SWLondoner

Now we’ll have to see if Boris is listening.

There’s a good on the Save Clapham Fire Station campaign in this week’s South London Press
SLP on FBU photo call

The Brixton Blog also had a good article

There’s still time to help with the campaign:

  • Please come to the public meeting on Monday 17th June, 6:30pm at Clapham Library, organised by Lambeth Council. More details here
  • Please respond to the consultation by Wednesday 19th June, particularly question 24 that asks about fire station closures. You can respond here
  • DSC01834

    Thanks to everyone to worked so hard to get signatures on the petition against the closure of Clapham Fire Station. Over 4,500 people have signed so far!

    The consultation ends on Wednesday. Lambeth Council have organised a public meeting before then

    Public Meeting – Save Clapham Fire Station
    Monday 17th June, 6:30pm
    Clapham Library, Clapham High Street
    Organised by Lambeth Council

    Hope to see people there. You can get Lambeth Council branded publicity here

    It’s really good to see Lambeth Council campaigning against City Hall cuts and we should support them. But don’t forget that they’re implementing Town Hall cuts at the same time.

    And please respond to the consultation if you have not already done so. You can respond online here. Question 1 to 10 are compulsory. Please also answer question 24, “Do you agree or disagree in the reduction in fire stations and fire fighter posts”. The other questions are optional and you need only answer if you have time and a strong opinion on the subject.

    Clapham Fire Station Demonstration Fire Engine
    Thanks to all the people who have signed the petition to Save Clapham Fire Station, over one thousand people so far.

    We’ll be handing the petitions in later this week, and are having a photo call of supporters outside the fire station before we do. Local trades unionists, local residents and local councillors will be there, and the South London Press is interested.

    Photo call – Save Clapham Fire Station
    Tuesday 11th June, 6pm – 6:15pm
    Outside Clapham Fire Station

    Please come to show your support for the fire station.

    Also, there is still time to respond to the consultation, you can do so here. For our campaign the most important question is question 24: “Do you agree or disagree with the reductions in fire stations, fire engines and firefighter posts?”. Almost all other questions are optional, you need only answer them if you have time and you have a strong opinion on the subject

    The campaign to Save Clapham Fire Station and the campaign to keep a housing cooperative, both campaigns Lambeth SOS supports, got letters in last week’s South London Press

    Two letters

    The Save Clapham Fire Station demonstration, which Lambeth Save Our Services supported, got a full page article in yesterday’s South London Press

    SLP on Fire Station closures

    This is in addition to the coverage we’ve got in the SW Londoner and the Wandsworth Guardian

    People have also been writing about the event on their blogs, see this post from Lee Jasper

    So it’s clear the people of Lambeth oppose the Clapham Fire Station closure. Now we need to make sure Boris listens.

    Child Fire Station demo
    Congratulations to everyone who came to the demonstration and consultation meeting on Thursday. We got over 100 people on a really lively and colourful demonstration with more people joining us at the meeting. At the meeting I think we made our points well and made the commissioner and the chair of the London Fire Authority feel very uncomfortable.

    Particular congratulations to Bridget for organising a vote at the meeting, in the teeth of the chair’s opposition, that showed nobody in the meeting supported the fire station closures. You can see a video of below

    The event was reported by the SW Londoner and the Wandsworth Guardian. We also saw journalists from the Brixton Blog and the South London Press at the demo so we should get coverage there too.

    We now need to decide the next steps for the campaign. We’re having a campaign meeting this Tuesday

    Planning Meeting – Next steps for Clapham Fire Station Campaign
    Tuesday 21st May, 7pm
    Bread and Roses pub, Clapham Manor Street

    (we’re generally in the room at the back)

    16th May Public Meeting