Feedback from our Peoples Assembly

Posted: May 27, 2011 by lambethsaveourservices in Feedback, Meeting

We had a feedback wall at last Saturdays Peoples Assembly and here are the results. I have also included some feedback and observations from the email lists. If YOU would like to leave some feedback (and we hope you do) then please use the comments section below this article.

Build A + E in Natwest – 28/5/11 at 12pm in Brixton – everyone come along!

28 May – come to new cross protest against closure of new cross library

Community day of action on 30 June – great idea!

Need crèche so more families can participate

Next steps – involve the community! Build a Lambeth SOS in Vassel War, leafleting all the estates in the area, get Kingsley to help mobile.

Great attempt – not quite a fully participatory assembly but a really good improvement on the traditional rally/speech fest. Proper feedback from workshops would have been good and vote on declaration wasn’t particularly democratic

Excellent day – thought the workshops could have been longer and final speeches shorter

There was not much missing but suggesting cutting the trident might have been useful in the context.

Come together as one people, be militant and fight con-dem against to cuts or else we will defeated

Libraries “wealth to the poor, ornament to the rich”

I am very concerned that there is no reference to the disproportional effects the cuts will have on LGBT communities

I am interested in SOS – about time we start fighting. The ‘Ladies of Substance’ is a local group working with families. We are committed.

Organise a local social bank

Very informative – keep up the fight

Great day – i think at last we have found people who are going to help us help our community and the 400 people who are about to made homeless.

Found the assembly meeting very interesting only hope that people will do something to continue what has been said

But idea to come out of library meeting – community day of action

Start a boycott of Tesco/Asda/all big corporations

Please consider environment when sourcing plates, cups etc – alternatives aren’t that experience

Shorter contributions in the first session please.

Peoples Assembly yesterday went really well!

I think that the unions could have been more represented. Ring all branch secs beforehand and reminded them gently but specifically – have you put leaflets in pigeonholes etc.

16 speakers from platform and floor on Sat (not counting workshops) 6 out of 10 in the first session were female, and in total 8 out the 16 were female, a 50/50 split. 2 out of 3 chairs were female.

4 out of the 16 speakers were black comrades. The disability community seemed well represented at the assembly with at least 2 of the 16 speakers.

Fantastic day well done to all – 10 minutes (max) dedicated slot to feedback the outcomes/future events of the workshops next time.


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