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40 year old communities
Lambeth Council is currently trying to evict Maritza from her “short life” housing cooperative where she’s lived for over 30 years. When she moved in her home was in a terrible state and it was her blood, sweat and tears that saved the home from demolition. Now the council want to hand her home to property developers

You can read more on Maritza’s case here

Lambeth Housing Activists have called a lobby of the council later this month. Lambeth SOS urges all our supporters to attend

Don’t Evict Maritza
Don’t let the Lambeth Council evict Maritza’s family from their Stockwell home
Demonstrate – 6pm – Wednesday 29th January – Lambeth Town Hall
Organised by Lambeth Housing Activists

You can download publicity here. Please also sign the petition, and forward it to all your friends.

We need to do lots of work to advertise this. Here’s how you can help:

  • Come to our stall on Saturday 11th January, 2pm, outside South Lambeth Library. Contact us to let us know if you’re coming
  • Come to our stall on Sunday 12th January, 2pm, outside Stockwell tube. Contact us to let us know if you’re coming
  • If you’re in a residents’ group or trade union ask them to come to the lobby. Contact us if you need any help
  • Download the publicity and forward it to all your friends

We are building awareness and support in the community for Wednesdays anti-cuts lobby of Lambeth council and we need your help! Check out the list of SOS stalls accross the borough. If you can help out (or can’t make it) leave a comment below and let us know!

You can download the leaflet here.

Who, What and Where?

Friday (done)

  1. Stockwell tube 8am-9.30 Rebecca, Andy H
  2. Oval 5-6.30 Jer, Celine
  3. Brixton 5.30-6.30 Dan, Andy T
  4. Streatham Hill 6-7 Chris, Keith