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The campaign to Save Clapham Fire Station and the campaign to keep a housing cooperative, both campaigns Lambeth SOS supports, got letters in last week’s South London Press

Two letters


The campaign the save a housing cooperative, which Lambeth Save Our Services supports, has got some good coverage in both last week’s South London Press and this week’s South London Press
part 1
part 2

They represent us.

Posted: February 19, 2011 by lambethsaveourservices in Labour Party
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We have let ourselves down. In the 14th Century, Ambrogio Lorenzetti painted a series of impressive frescoes on the walls of the Palazzo Pubblico of Siena. They acted as a reminder to all who viewed them; that ‘good government’ had a duty to act in a way which served the people best. Seemingly contrary to contemporary practice, the people too had a duty in this ‘good government’ – to keep a watchful eye on their representatives.

In order to grasp the gravity of the current situation in the Town Hall, Lambeth SOS have decided to give a brief, potted history of Lambeth’s Labour Councillors.



Contact – Jon Rogers 07957505571

Anti-cuts campaigners call for mass lobby of Lambeth Council as it considers £37 Million cuts package

A packed planning meeting of local anti-cuts campaigners on Wednesday 2nd Feb called upon the people of Lambeth to rally at the Town Hall on Monday evening, 7 February, as the Council considers a £37 Million package of cuts which will cost 600 jobs, including all School Crossing Patrol staff and all Parks Rangers.

“Local people must demand that this Labour Council does not make these cuts,”said local resident Andy Tullis, “we need to be there on Monday night to make sure our views are heard.”

Representatives of local trade unions, pensioners and tenants were joined at the meeting by students and anti-cuts protesters from UK Uncut. Organisers are predicting a large turnout at the lobby of the Council on Monday night.



  1. Lambeth Save Our Services is a local umbrella organisation opposing cuts in public services, supported by the local branches of the UNISON, GMB and NUT unions, by Lambeth Tenants Council and Lambeth Pensioners Action Group. For more information see
  2. The lobby on Monday 5 February will commence from 6pm outside Lambeth Town Hall. Protesters will be dressed as School Crossing Patrol staff (“lollipop ladies”) as one of the Council proposals is to sack all their School Crossing Patrol workers.
  3. Details of Lambeth’s Cuts proposals are included in papers going to the Cabinet meeting available online at


As well as both mobile libraries being axed in the budget, Lambeth Council leader Steve Reed has told the South London Press this week that libraries that could go were those considered too expensive to run. They are

  • the Durning Library in Kennington Lane
  • Waterloo Library in Lower Marsh
  • Minet Library in Knatchbull Road, Brixton
  • Carnegie Library in Herne Hill Road, Herne Hill.

A consultation is to be launched in April to discuss the future of the borough’s libraries.

In the pointless budget consultation meetings finance councillor Paul McGlone said he thought a couple of years was enough to put all the libraries into a community trust as part of the Big Society “Cooperative Council” program so that then the community would own them. (Usually they announce that after the libraries consultation no eh?) Accept he seems to have forgotten that the community already owns libraries – that is why we have local councils and council tax.

Libraries are the absolute front line of communities, where else can children do their schoolwork, homeless people use the internet, people go and read and exchange ideas free of charge? Where can community groups meet for free – those same groups the council so desperately want to involve in their Co-operative Council?

Libraries are the closest local council service most people have, and they deliver a fantastic service on a tiny budget. What they need is more staff and more money, not a cuts program with a glossy Cameron style cover.