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Save the Little Starz nursery

Posted: September 25, 2013 by rabidleftwinger in Children and Young People, Cutswatch
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Lambeth Save Our Services has been asked to support the campaign against the closure of the Little Starz nursey in West Norwood.

Can people please sign the petition here

The matter is urgent, closure is planned for Friday 27th.

I, we, a load of children, carers and parents really hope that you can help in our campaign to save our nursery. You may or may not be aware of the devastating news that Lambeth have cut the funding at my daughters nursery school, Little Starz, in West Norwood (as well as their Kennington branch), forcing it to close on 27th September. The received a bad Ofstead report and instead of working with them to come up to standard, the removed the VITAL funding needed to operate.

I have started an online petition through which so far, having started on Wednesday at 4pm, has 172 signatures and counting.

Please read my petition and let me know if you feel you can help me fight the council. I spoke to them this week and they basically told me there is nothing more they can do, the decision is final, and offered me a list of child-minder’s in the area. This infuriated me further. and I am determined to beat them.

kindest regards,

(if you want to contact the organisers of the campaign, please contact us and we’ll forward your message)