Take 5 mins right now to help us save libraries

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Want to help us support our local library service which is under threat from years of budget cuts? Take 5 mins right now. We need your help.

Step 1: Read the Manifesto below

Step 2: Like the  Lambeth Manifesto For Libraries on Facebook to show your support

Step 3Write to your local Councillor or MP online asking them to support the manifesto.
This takes no more than 5 minutes and is all done online. No stamp-licking required!

Step 4: Share it around friends/family/community groups/trade unions and ask them to do the same.

Step 5: Put our next planning meeting in your diary and help us build the campaign. Thursday 5th Dec, 6:30PM, Vida Walsh Centre, Brixton.

Lambeth Manifesto for Libraries

Lambeth citizens face unprecedented hardship through this period of austerity and in these times we believe more than ever we need access to information, literature and the digital world. The following is what we believe Lambeth’s public library service should provide (as outlined by Voices for the Library):

• A wide-ranging, quality book stock available to borrow without charge.

• Up-to-date ICT that is available to access free of charge and without restrictions, supplemented by support from trained staff.

• Access to e-books remotely and without charge.

• A wide-range of quality online services at no charge.

• A space free from commercial influence.

• Dedicated services for teens.

• A service managed and run by professionals.

• Volunteer opportunities but only as a support to paid staff, not as a substitute.

• Library buildings that provide a modern, welcoming space.

• A service owned by the public, not private companies or a sub-section of the community.

We note that, although Lambeth Council have invested in Library buildings, budgets to run Libraries have been slashed to the point where they can no longer provide the service Lambeth citizens need and deserve.

This manifesto asks local politicians to agree to the following when standing for election next May:

• A commitment to increase book stock to at least the average amount of books of other London authorities – Lambeth Libraries have only 50% of the average London borough book stock

• A commitment to increase staffing to at least the average amount of staff of other London authorities – Lambeth Libraries are proposing to reduce the staffing levels to the lowest in London

• A commitment to increase public IT access to at least the average amount of other London authorities – Lambeth Libraries have only 50% of the average London borough public IT provision

• A commitment to keep all nine public libraries open with no cuts to opening hours

Lambeth residents deserve a Library service equivalent to that provided for residents in neighboring London boroughs with adequate levels of staffing, digital access and books.

Ask your local politicians to commit to the Lambeth Manifesto for Libraries.

Contact: Lambeth Manifesto for Libraries c/o Lambeth UNISON 6a Acre Lane SW2 5SG, lambethsaveourservices@gmail.com

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