Report from the Lambeth College Governor’s Meeting

Posted: November 15, 2013 by blackdaffodil in Children and Young People, Cutswatch, Demonstrate, Rally & Occupy!, Lambeth College

Why does everyone who wants to keep Brixton College open need to turn out in force to the lobby of the council on Wednesday, 20th November? Because the result of our lobby to the governor’s meeting was highly inconclusive. So we will be meeting at Rush Common (in front of the Brixton campus) at 5 pm and marching to City Hall to join the housing lobbies at 6 pm, because it’s all austerity.

20th November poster

Last night the Save Lambeth College in Brixton campaign — staff, community members and students — attended the Lambeth college governor’s meeting to try and find out just what the board of governors is planning to do with the Brixton campus. Asked to leave the warm and spacious building itself, I for one was a little unprepared for just how cold it would be waiting for a report back from the two representatives of the group whom they did allow to address the board.

We oppose the sale of the Brixton Centre, Lambeth College to property developers. We call on the College to keep using the whole site for community education and to secure the funds to rebuild the centre. Our demand at this point was primarily for transparency, and community hearings where the board can inform the community of their plans for the campus and hear back from the community. We asked that governor’s announce this right away, but they said very little though a sale is certainly being contemplated. The president seemed to be waiting to see what happened at the city council lobby, and appeared to think they had the support of local MPs.

We clearly need to put the pressure on.

If you want to get get involved:

And above all? Join the lobby of City Hall on Wednesday, the 20th of November to fight for our community’s rights to education and housing.


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