Stop the Eviction of Charmain Lodge

Posted: September 15, 2013 by lambethsaveourservices in Demonstrate, Rally & Occupy!
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Charmain is a short-life council tenant who has been living in her home for 14 years but now faces homelessness because of Lambeth Council’s policy of selling short-life properties. For Charmain this situation is particularly serious because she is a very vulnerable woman with serious medical problems whose recovery is now under threat because of her precarious housing situation. Her GP and other health workers have made submissions on her behalf appealing for the eviction threat to be lifted but so far these appeals have all been rejected by the Council.

Please sign the petition calling for her eviction order to be lifted

We will be presenting the petition to the council on Monday 16th. Please come and show your support

Protest – Stop the eviction of Charmain
Monday 16th September, 12noon
Lambeth Town Hall

Let us know you’re coming on facebook

Charmain has the support of Helen O’Malley, one of her local Labour councillors

Both Cllr Robbins [cabinet member for housing] and myself recently heard a statement from a senior housing officer that ‘Housing’ continues to pursue a policy for ‘short-life’ residents that is focused on making life difficult for them so that they ‘go away’. As ward councillor, I have asked repeatedly that Lambeth begin to treat its residents with fairness, compassion and professionalism.
The case of Charmaine Lodge is the next example where Lambeth do not work with these residents with care and justice. The ‘Councillor call for Action’ asked that this savage policy be reversed.
I must ask that Charmaine Lodge’s situation is properly evaluated and that Lambeth, her landlords, resolve this situation with detailed and accurate action. It is beyond any acceptable practise that even the eviction date is questionable.
Please will [Cllr Robbins] take action to ensure the wellbeing of this resident.

We’ve stopped evictions of short life tenants before. With your help we can do it again

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