Independent Report slams Lambeth Housing Review

Posted: September 8, 2013 by lambethsaveourservices in Lambeth living

Lambeth UNISON have recently issues this press release about “ethnicity biased” redundancies in Lambeth Living

Public service trade union UNISON has welcomed the critical conclusions of an independent review, commissioned by Lambeth Council, of the current reorganisation of Lambeth’s Housing service.

The review was commissioned by Chief Executive Derrick Anderson in response to a trade dispute declared by UNISON, which alleged that redundancies were falling disproportionately on Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) staff. The review, conducted by Lambeth’s former Housing Director Dorian Leatham concluded that; “The issue of an ethnicity bias is borne out by the fact that all the redundant staff are BME.”

UNISON Convenor, Hassina Malik, said; “Lambeth Council ought not to be making redundancies exclusively of black workers.”

UNISON has been unequivocal in describing the disproportionate impact of job losses as racist. Now the Council’s own independent report has concluded that; “The evidence shows that BME staff, and BME women in particular, are more likely to be unsuccessful in securing appointments.”

“UNISON does not support Lambeth’s Labour Council making any cuts dictated by the Tory Government,” said Ms Malik. “We are, however, particularly opposed to cuts which have a racist impact – as the original proposals from Housing management did – and to discrimination in the implementation of cuts.”

“This episode underlines the importance of equality impact assessments of all Council policies and decisions. Lambeth UNISON will never give up our commitment to equality and fighting racism – whatever other challenges we may face.”

UNISON is calling upon Lambeth Council to make a public statement accepting the conclusions of the independent report and agreeing to work with the trade unions to implement its recommendations.

  1. Ann Brown says:

    Yes I was so right, in my own review of Lambeth Housing I made FOI request. I have yet to receive a response from Lambeth. Their review of housing lacks information and I allegedly suspect heavily edited from the independent review conducted . More needs to me done for affordable rent for those that are in work but cannot afford private of do not have access to Social housing. Please please keep up the fight. To me Lambeth want the poor out and the rich in. Its time for local people to wake up to whats happening around them.