Clifton Mansions eviction

Posted: July 13, 2013 by rabidleftwinger in Demonstrate, Rally & Occupy!
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Last Saturday there was a protest against the eviction of the residents of Clifton Mansions in Brixton.

One of our supporters has given the following report of the day:

The protest started at Windrush Square with the usual megaphone doesn’t work disasters but gradually folk started talking. Grace was great about Loughborough Estate, others about Rushcroft Rd obviously, but plenty of local people joining in and being angry about being driven out of Brixton to make way for yuppies/corporate clients etc. Joining the dots.

It Looked like it might wind down after the quiz but folk spontaneously nipped across the road to visit Foxtons (I especially liked “F*** off back to Chelsea la la la la”- you get the drift). Some outside, some went in. After maybe 20 minutes back to Windrush and then some of the more determined went for a stroll round Brixton Village (bread at £6 a loaf apparently). During all this a lot of people signed up to stay in touch- \and fight back.

It clearly hit a nerve. (Think the folk who called it were quite suprised). I’d guess around 50-100 people, but that’s a guess

There are photos of the day here at the campaign website

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