Minutes from the 1st Lambeth People’s Assembly Meeting

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It was packed to the rafters and ridiculously hot in the Vida Walsh Centre last Thursday! But it was so great to see so many people there, and the discussion moved along very well! If you couldn’t make the meeting but still want to get involved please contact us

Minutes  – Planning Meeting for Lambeth People’s Assembly
Thursday 4, July 2013
6:30 PM, Vida Walsh Centre
Co-hosted by Lambeth SOS and the Lambeth Trades Council
50+ People Present – apologies to those who had to stand or sit on the floor!

1. Welcome – Sean, Lambeth SOS

Outline of the meeting, announcement that this meeting came out of a longer process started before the National Assembly and would be about the Lambeth People’s Assembly, some people had come to discuss a South London People’s Assembly and that space had been made at the end of the meeting for people interested in discussing that to meet

2. Introduction of Proposed Agenda for People’s Assembly – Susan, Lambeth Trades Council

Opening Plenary

Morning workshops

  1. NHS
  2. Bedroom Tax
  3. Attacks on Rights (Legal Aid cuts, Deaths in Police Custody, Right to protest etc)
  4. Working in Unions Against Austerity
  5. Education Under Attack


Afternoon Workshops

  1. Gentrification and affordable housing
  2. Campaigning skills
  3. Disability and Benefits
  4. Anti-Racism

Closing Plenary

3. Discussion

Quite lively discussion followed, primarily about what was missing, the nature of the plenaries, and the relationship of the Lambeth People’s Assembly to South London and the National Assembly. General consensus emerged around the following points

  • All panels for workshops need to be balanced and representative of Lambeth’s diversity
  • We need to create an outreach plan, ensure that the assembly is as diverse as the population, do some one-on-one meetings with community groups, mosques etc, set up regular stalls. 1st Stall part Lambeth SOS/TC stall already booked for Lambeth Country Show
  • The Lambeth Assembly should not be folded into a larger South London assembly, but we do need to ensure that it feeds into larger gatherings

4. Final workshops and organising groups

these to meet separately and do work of putting together each workshop and getting speakers, to do an initial report back in 2 weeks time (Thurs, July 18th). It was pointed out that with 300 people present and 6 workshops, each would still consist of 50 people, so there was room for additional workshops. Each group has a main contact for those wishing to get involved but not able to be present at the meeting – to contact them please email lambethsaveourservices@gmail.com

Opening (and closing) Plenary Group – James Meadway

Morning workshops

  1. NHS – Jan O’Malley
  2. Welfare/ Benefits – Grace Lally – They will be meeting at the Ritzy on Tuesday, 16th July at 6 pm
  3. Attacks on Rights (Legal Aid cuts, Deaths in Police Custody, Right to protest etc) – Lois
  4. Working in Unions Against Austerity – Jeremy Dewar
  5. Education Under Attack – Bridget Chapman
  6. Immigration – Lee & Andrea Gibbons


Afternoon Workshops

  1. Gentrification and affordable housing – Ruth and Sean Geogehan
  2. Campaigning skills – Ali
  3. Anti-Racism – Lee Jasper
  4. International Solidarity – Mary Edwards
  5. Democracy & Representation – Paul Feldman

Additional areas:

– Youth space

– Open space – suggestion by someone from Occupy to provide an open space where people can discuss what they like or sign up to do own workshops

5. Venue and Date

Agreed Town Hall ideal – big enough, and two previous assemblies held there. Next available date Sat, November 2nd which is provisionally booked by Unison. Cost £1,700, TC and Unions to look into raising funds

6. Childcare

Agreed we should have a crèche, need to raise funds. Can be provided by registered carers from Loughborough group who carry own insurance, £10 per person per hour

7. Yahoo group

has been set up for any communications directly related to organising the assembly (no others please!) — join here:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OrganisingLambethPeoplesAssembly/ 

8. Arts/Entertainment

we want to have an ongoing cultural component through the day – music, poetry etc

9. 29th September NHS Demo

– will be transportation up to Manchester, need to build

10. Announcements

    1. July 18th, 6:30 pm Vida Walsh next meeting
    2. Also July 18th – Join the FBU demonstration against London Fire Brigade cuts. Assemble at the Monument, 1130. March to Union Street, where a rally will take place.
    3. 20-21st July – Lambeth Country Show
    4. 27th July – Croyden anti-fascist demo
    5. 4th August – Brixton Splash

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