Save Clapham Fire Station – Sample motion

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The London Fire Brigade are currently consulting on the closure of fire stations across London, including one at Clapham. It is vital we stop this proposal

Your can respond to the consultation here

If you are in a union, please also ask your branch to affiliate. A sample motion is below:
This branch notes:

  • The mayor of London , Boris Johnson, wants to push through savage cuts to the capital’s fire service. He wants to close 12 fire stations, including Clapham Firestation; remove 18 engines and slash 520 firefighter jobs. The London fire authority twice rejected the cuts, but Johnson over-ruled them. This was in spite of his previous promises that there would be no frontline cuts.
  • The cuts are the most serious ever made in the history of the London Fire Brigade, and the Fire Brigades Union believes they are reckless and wrong. According to the London Fire Brigade commissioner’s own predictions, they would mean 4.7million Londoners waiting longer for a fire engine. That will compromise public safety, and we are calling for the widest possible campaign to oppose the cuts.
  • A 12-week public consultation began on 5 March.
  • This will save is only 7p a week per household.
  • This branch believes:

  • This is a politically motivated attack by the Tory Mayor.
  • The lives of Londoners are worth more than 7p a week per household
  • This branch will:

  • Encourage our affiliates to log onto and rrespond to the public consultation on Firestation cuts
  • Encourage our affiliates at and tell him you oppose the cuts.
  • Publicise the  public e-petition against the cuts.
  • Lobby Lambeth MPs and councillors.
  • Promote the Consultation meeting in Lambeth, Thursday, 16 May 7-9pm at Lambeth Assembly Hall, Lambeth Town Hall
  • Send a message of solidarity to the FBU at Clapham Firestation
  • Refer a “Save Our Firestations” motion to GLATUC (to be drafted by the officers of the Trades Council in the spirit of this motion)
  • Supports FBU members at Clapham fire station and will support any action they take to save the Fire Station.
  • If you need any help with getting this motion through your union branch please contact us

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