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Posted: March 15, 2013 by blackdaffodil in NHS
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The fight is still going strong to save it, but more help is always needed! The next meeting of  Lambeth’s Keep Our NHS Public will be next week

Thursday 21st March, 7pm
Duke of Cambridge pub
74, Lansdowne Way, Stockwell, SW8 2DR

All are welcome! If you’d like to get in touch or to get more information, you can email

There’s also an important update about our blood service, which is about to be sold off, please read the below, and sign the petition to stop it here:


From: Geoff Dunbar via Campaigns by You
Sent: Monday, March 11, 2013 10:12 AM
Subject: The Government has decided to sell a blood service


The government has decided to sell the Plasma service. No surpirise there then. I have also been fortunate enough to have received a contact from a very ‘socially aware’ journalist and two of her friends, all of whom are really committed to preventing the sale of PRUK.

The government is currently seeking a purchaser. Initial information has mentioned a few companies showing an interest. The ones we have heard about are all foreign, Spanish, German and American. I don’t know the name of the Spanish company. The German firm is a ‘plasma company’ by the name of Biotest AG. There is some concern about the track record of Biotest, with the possibility that they lost their license at some time in the past. They also appear to be doing a lot of business with China, where they can get a better price for some of their products. From America there are two companies, Baxter International, which I believe is a company that handles ‘plasma products’ and whose share price seems to be on the up. The other company is Bain Capital, a private equity firm (where presidential candidate Mitt Romney made his millions, and still has shares). I don’t know a lot about private equity firms, but t hey seem to be linked to things like ‘venture capital schemes’ and will be keen to have their share of the profits. The ‘shadier’ side of these companies is connected with ‘asset stripping’. If you google Bain Capital, thee are some worrying articles that emerge, including the sacking of Illinois workers and relocating to China.

There are three immediate courses of action that we can take.

1) One of the people I am now working with has spoken to MPs, and through the offices of Jeremy Corby, Hywel Williams and Frank Dobson has been able to have an ‘Early Day Motion’ (EDM) tabled. You can see it at – including the number of MPs who sign up to support it.You can help by contacting your MP and making them aware of the EDM and asking them to support it.

2) Can we make sure that as many people we know are aware of what is happening and if we can get them to join our campaign that would be great.

3) It would appear that not all health professionals are aware of the government’s plans and that includes haematologists, so if you have the chance to inform interested groups…

Thank you for your support for this campaign.

Geoff Dunbar

  1. Joe Public says:

    Sign the 38 degrees petition against Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt (who was instrumental in saving his local hospital in leafy, affluent Surrey AND who stated in a 2009 book that he wants “to abolish the NHS”) from tryng to force GP’s and Clinical Commisioning Groups (CCG’s) – the repplacement for PCT’s – into assisting private firms to bid/tender for NHS services under E.U competition law. Sign it NOW and cascade it very widely indeed. There is not a lot of time left!!!