Defending Sick Pay! Why Lambeth Living workers are coming out on Wednesday, Feb 27th

Posted: February 21, 2013 by blackdaffodil in Cutswatch, Demonstrate, Rally & Occupy!, Lambeth living
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Your%20Lambeth%20Living%20cover_sLambeth’s workers aren’t just seeing jobs disappear, they are also being forced to fight the cutting at their benefits, standards of living, and dignity. At a meeting of around 70 Lambeth Living workers yesterday, there was a unanimous vote in support of industrial action if Lambeth Living insisted on trying to carry on pushing through these measures:

  • To cut their sick pay entitlement by half.
  • To introduce new sick procedures which are far worse than the current arrangements.
  • To introduce a new code of conduct, which includes a new dress code which would ban “unconventional” hair cuts, hair colours, most jewellery and clothing which isn’t co-ordinated.

Employees have received no detailed justification for any of these proposals from management, no “business case” and no equality impact assessment. They have asked management to provide the sort of detailed information on levels and costs of sickness absence (which they expected to see in order to justify such proposals) and management have admitted that they don’t even have this information at present and are waiting for the Council to provide it to them.

Lambeth Living does not face any financial crisis. The Council is not cutting its income. The problems which Lambeth Living does face (for example in relation to the performance of their contractors) have nothing to do with staff sickness or with the Code of Conduct. The management proposals are both irresponsible and irrelevant to the needs of our tenants and residents, as well as being contrary to the interests of all staff.

Isn’t it time we had a council standing with, and fighting for, its workers to better serve the community living in council housing? Join us to make sure Lambeth Living carry on giving the same rights to their staff as Lambeth Council do. Lambeth Council have promised not to attack the terms and conditions of Lambeth Council employees. We want Lambeth Living to do the same.

Brixton Town Hall
Wednesday, February 27th
6-7 pm


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