Starbucks – Pay Your Tax

Posted: December 7, 2012 by rabidleftwinger in Demonstrate, Rally & Occupy!

Anti StarbucksStarbucks – Pay your tax
Please support the UK Uncut protest on Saturday 8th December, 12noon, Brixton tube
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The aim is to highlight tax avoidance by Starbucks in a light-hearted and non-threatening way. We are completely supportive of the staff in the cafe who are fellow workers and who bear the brunt of cuts, just as we do. We are not aiming to close the store or stop people from buying coffee. Our action is entirely peaceful, will start at noon, and be over in an hour or two.

This action is definitely going ahead despite Starbuck’s announcement that they will consider paying some tax. Offering to pay some tax if and when it suits you doesn’t stop you being a tax dodger. Full details here

We do not want to be antagonistic towards the staff as they are losing out badly (see this guardian story). Our aim is to antagonise the tax dodgers, not the low paid people who work for them

Hope to see you there


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