Lambeth Adventure Playgrounds Closed due to Botched Privatisation

Posted: August 19, 2012 by rabidleftwinger in Children and Young People, Cutswatch

Early this week Lambeth Play Association had it’s contract to run adventure playgrounds summararily terminated after “it failed to tell the council about ‘disclosures’ arising from checks on some of its staff”. The full report from this week’s South London Press is below:

At council meetings, public meetings and demonstrations last year hundreds of residents, including children who use the adventure playgrounds and their parents, called on the council not to dump its adventure playgrounds on the community or to outsource them. Time and time again the people of Lambeth told them they wanted the staff they had, the hours they had and the council to run them. Councillors made empty promises to the children of this borough that the services wouldn’t close. They claimed the community would step in and run the services co-operatively, but the Co-operative management never emerged. Now without any warning Lambeth Play Association are no longer running the service and doors of the Adventure Playgrounds are locked.

Lambeth Play Association were one of the organisations the council had slated to run the One O’Clock clubs. In light of this it’s even more important to stop their privatisation


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