Housing for the 99%

Posted: June 26, 2012 by rabidleftwinger in Demonstrate, Rally & Occupy!

Housing for the 99% is a group of tenants and others that believe everyone should be able to live in good quality, safe and secure housing that they can afford.

We see that, currently, some of the biggest problems with the housing system affect private tenants – for example high rents, cuts to Housing Benefit and poor quality, insecure housing in the private rented sector. We are committed to taking action, using a range of tactics, to tackle these problems.

On Wednesday 27 June, we’ll be taking our first action to challenge greedy landlords and rip-off rents.

We’ll be meeting at 8.30am outside exit 2 of Vauxhall tube station (at the north end of the bus station – look for the transport information boards as you come up the steps).

At 8.45 we’ll be heading off to the National Landlords Association (NLA) just down the road on the Albert Embankment. The NLA represents more than a million landlords who collectively make billions from their tenants – and, through Housing Benefit, the public purse – by charging rip-off rents. The NLA actively lobbies against better regulation of landlords, and encourages its members not offer secure tenancies.

So we’ll be there to catch staff and passers-by on their way to work to let them know that we’re not happy being ripped off.

We’re planning a peaceful, colourful protest with our lovely new banners and placards. There’ll be a role for everyone, whether you’ve been to an action before or not, so please come along and bring a friend or flatmate – there are 8.6 million private tenants in England, and we know most of them aren’t very happy (despite the government’s attempts to claim otherwise)!

Please bring cardboard boxes and sleeping bags to help visually show how high rents increase the risk of homelessness.

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