A4E Protest

Posted: May 27, 2012 by rabidleftwinger in Demonstrate, Rally & Occupy!

Three accounts of the party to bid a less-than-fond farewell to ‘jolly good fraudster’ Emma Harrison and celebrate the hopeful demise of A4e, which has comes under renewed scrutiny. 

Choruses of ‘She’s a jolly good fraudster’ rang out in Brixton High Street, followed by the somewhat more tuneful strains of Manu Chao on a sound system.

But remember , A4e is only one link on among a vile cabal of crooks and profiteers making a mint out of the ‘welfare to work’ industry. Time to derail the gravy train!

More write ups at The Void, Boycott Workfare and the Brixton Blog

  1. If an ordinary person’s caught ‘fiddling’ benefits (probably to put food into their kids stomachs or shoes on their feet) they’re hit by the full force of the law. When some wealthy ‘Herbert’ is pulled up for cheating the state out of scores of millions in unpaid taxes, they’re invited out to dinner by senior officials in HMRC to work out how they can pay less, or nothing at all!

    I’d best be circumspect in what I say about the gravy train. But, I can assure you that if I had my way the train and its contents would be more than simply derailed!