Fight for Public Services, not Cooperative Ones

Posted: March 24, 2012 by rabidleftwinger in Meeting

Lambeth Council is having public meetings trying to sell the idea of cooperative libraries. We hope to have a presence at these meetings to argue for publicly run libraries, not the quasi privatisation the council is proposing. If you can help out, please email us

David Rovics, a US left wing folk singer, is coming to Brixton. He will be at the Grosvenor, Sidney Street Stockwell, 8:30pm, Wednesday 28th March. Lambeth Save Our Services is having a stall there. If you can help out please email Chris

We’re having a stall by Streatham Common on Sunday 1st April to try and talk to people attending the Streatham Kite Day on why cooperative libraries are so bad. The stall will run from 11 to 5, but volunteers only need do a couple of hours. If you can help out please email Chris


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