Defend Local Democracy – Demonstrate on F29

Posted: February 24, 2012 by rabidleftwinger in Children and Young People, Cutswatch, Demonstrate, Rally & Occupy!

I am a teaching assistant at a comprehensive school in Lambeth. I’ve seen the effect of the cuts on the young people I work with, but this is nothing like what is going to happen. Already they have closed down youth services and the ethnic minority achievement team. This year the budget for dealing with people with special educational needs will be halved.

I think Lambeth is the cop out council for blaming the cuts on the Tories. What’s the point in having local democracy if they say there is nothing they can do to protect the needs of people who voted for them. We need councillors who will take a stand against the Tories. And we need a government that breaks open the banks, takes the money hoarded by them, and spends it on services for ordinary people

Jeremy Dewar

Why will you be on the demonstration against the cop out council on Wednesday 29th February? Email us to let us know


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