Escalate to Win

Posted: December 12, 2011 by rabidleftwinger in Uncategorized

Lambeth UNISON local government branch passed this motion in mid November. Other people might like to suggest proposing a similar motion to their union branch. If you need any advice or support please email Dan

Lambeth UNISON local government branch recognises the immense significance of the coordinated strike action to be taken by millions of workers on 30 November against the government’s attack on public sector pensions. We commit ourselves to ensuring that this action is as effective as possible through close liaison with other unions, determined picketing of our workplaces and participation in the various activities planned on the day.

The 30th of November will be the biggest single day of strike action Britain has ever seen; the action will involve over 20 Trade Unions and will involve more workers than were called out during the 1926 General Strike.

However, while the Government are clearly nervous at the thought of such action it is also clear that one day of strike action alone may well not be enough to force them to back down.

We therefore call on the UNISON NEC to plan an escalation of the action beyond Nov 30th and to Identify now the dates for the next strike action, we believe this should be at least a step up to two days of consecutive strike action followed by an escalation to three days of consecutive action, to begin no later than January 2012.

A key factor influencing the high turnouts and overwhelming “Yes” votes in recent Union strike ballots (apart from the outrageous attacks on our pensions) has been the long awaited development of cross union co-ordination and the fact that Unions will be striking together and maximizing our effectiveness.

We therefore believe that preserving this unity is crucial to the success of the dispute, we call for:

  • All public sector unions to remain united (though our own strike action must not depend on their agreement to do this).
  • Demand that no Union NEC (especially UNISON) enters any separate negotiations on pensions. We are for a united front of all the unions against the government attack.
  • In the event that any Union NEC breaks ranks and settles separately with the Government; UNISON should be prepared to continue our dispute towards successful conclusion.
  • The purpose of our action must be to force the government to withdraw its attack on public sector pensions in its entirety. There must be no increase in pension contributions from workers; no increase in the retirement age; no decrease in the level of pension paid out.

    In order to escalate Union action and to achieve success in the pensions dispute we will need to achieve the maximum participation of the grass roots of our movement in decision making, we agree to work with other branches across the country to convene local and regional strike committee meetings, public meetings and special conferences throughout December and January.

    To this end we also agree to sponsor a London-wide meeting for UNISON activists to discuss the building further action in London and elsewhere.

    We agree to publicise this resolution as widely as possible.


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