#N30 was strike day – Report from a Lambeth College activist

Posted: December 5, 2011 by lambethsaveourservices in Demonstrate, Rally & Occupy!

November 30th saw fantastic support for the strike across the country. Over 2 million workers came out, which showed the government exactly how strongly people feel about the attacks on our pensions, how prepared they were to take strike action whether or not they had voted, and how angry we are about the savage cuts to our education, health and public services.

UCU in Lambeth had well-attended pickets at the 3 college centres in Brixton, Clapham and Vauxhall, with the college closed to students and no courses running. Picket lines encouraged more people to support union action, with 1 admin worker on their way into work at Vauxhall joining on the spot and spending the rest of the day at the front of the central London march!

Public support this time round was overwhelmingly in our favour. Just like on the joint union Battle Bus last Saturday, shoppers, shopkeepers, bus drivers and people walking and driving to work took time out to say ‘good on you, you’re doing a great job’, toot horns and shout from cars and bikes.

It was a good feeling walking down Brixton Hill and seeing all the picket lines on the way before coming into Windrush Square and witnessing the incredible noisy, active council workers picket on the steps of the Town Hall. Horns, megaphones and vigorous chanting hailed the passing public, who responded likewise with shouts, waves and car horns.

The council protesters joined the 500 strong rally in Windrush Square, brilliant atmosphere, union banners everywhere, listening to speakers from across Lambeth community talking about why they were on strike or supporting the strike. A statement read out, which congratulated the strikers and called for longer action in January, was voted through unanimously.

The local rally then went on a spontaneous march down to Brixton tube station and then joined the central rally at Lincolns Inn Fields to march along with 50,000 people from 29 trade unions to the Embankment rally.

A tremendous day and a fantastic start to the campaign to defend pensions and public services.


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