Why I’ll be Marching to Give Our Youth a Future

Posted: November 6, 2011 by rabidleftwinger in Children and Young People, Demonstrate, Rally & Occupy!

Grace Lally will be attending the Give Our Youth a Future demonstration this Saturday

I live in Coldharbour ward with my two young children. The ward suffers from some of the worst child deprivation in London. Max Roach adventure playground was a key part of the council youth services. Now all the council staff have been fired and services such as the internet café and music studio that the council spent vast sums of money developing a locked away and inaccessible. Max Roach Adventure playground was at the heart of the community and generations have used its services. We live in small flats in high rise blocks. When the clubs are closed what do they want us to do with our children? Keep them locked inside so they’re out of sight out of mind for the council? I’m so angry that children who have so little are being treated like this. The politicians are full of excuses but I think they just don’t give a damn. They have no shame

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