Enjoy the Gift of Giving to our Finsbury Square Occupation

Posted: October 28, 2011 by blackdaffodil in Demonstrate, Rally & Occupy!
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We’re trying to make this a lovely and enjoyable space full of good discussion and immense sense of movement…heh. Some people are campers and some are not, but this may be a good time to test your boundaries, at least for an hour or two! So below is our wishlist and invitation to all the London anticuts groups to come on down and join us, if you’re interested let Andrea know — text would be good or if you don’t have my phone number email comical.y.que@gmail.com and I just might give it to you!

An urgent call to arms to all anti-cuts activists…

Activists representing Lewisham anti-cuts alliance, Southwark SOS and Lambeth SOS finally set up a  gazebo at the Finsbury Square anti-capitalist occupation! The working group at the camp, dealing with tents, were so happy for us to be there that they offered us a prime spot to the front of the camp. Our plot number is 37.

We urgently need donations and volunteers in order to make this as effective as possible! eg Rugs (to go over the ground sheet) / Pillows / Blow up mattresses or single futon or camping mats / LED battery powered lights / Fold up information table / Anticuts banners / Anticuts literature or posters / fold up chairs / Battery powered radio / Hot water bottles / Blankets / Musicians to lift our spirits!

If we make it as comfortable as possible people will not feel it is a chore to stay overnight! Of course only one or two people will need to stay overnight but I would encourage everyone to come down for a few hours and offer moral support.


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