Boris Did Indeed Come to Brixton

Posted: October 12, 2011 by blackdaffodil in Demonstrate, Rally & Occupy!
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And we do hope our little impromptu fundraiser to mock the Tory cause made it a memorable visit for him! I doubt he’ll be able to forget it really, as all of us looked so fantastic.

Far better than anyone who walked past us I assure you. Including Boris, who was actually early to this exciting fundraising event hosted by the Lambeth and Southwark conservatives. We hadn’t even poured the champagne before he speedwalked past us flanked by a couple of suits for deflection. Had I blinked I would have missed him, but luckily I was able to keep my eyes open and unburden my heart for approximately 10 seconds of some of the bile that has been building there. And oh, it felt so good.

Our own blonde and beautiful Ruth in full evening dress simply waltzed in (she couldn’t have been with the protest as everyone knows the call to fight for a better world corresponds to poor taste). She was told with a bit of a leer

The deal tonight, it’s just one room and he [Boris] will be working it — I can arrange introductions…

Heh. Boris may well have been working it, he’d have to judging by the meager five pounds that the passing tories of dour face donated to our own efforts, including two for corporate tax dodgers. The rest was probably hush money; I suppose the left has been bought out for less than three quid on occasions, but we’d definitely require much more. There couldn’t have been more than twenty of them, so we can all sleep well knowing that the surprising existence of Lambeth and Southwark Conservatives and their cheek in booking Brixton Town Hall need not trouble us too much. Poor Boris probably had to stay much longer than he had planned judging from the faces watching us from up above, I hope he didn’t suffer too much being in it together with such a small and crochety section of his constituency as we enjoyed ourselves outside.

Keep a look out for the South London Press on Friday, they got there in time to capture all the magic of Boris facing Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark in full evening dress, which was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity! For the original invite, click here.

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