Croydon vs Banks & Tax Dodgers

Posted: July 27, 2011 by rabidleftwinger in Cutswatch, Demonstrate, Rally & Occupy!


This is an SOS from the people of Croydon to the World. We are under attack! A monstrous Coalition of Dark Forces has descended upon London’s biggest borough, intent on ripping out its heart and feeding it to a race of evil vultures known only as “The Bankers”. They have already destroyed our Arts Centre. Now, they want to close down our Youth Centres, privatise our libraries, devastate the UK Borders Agency and slash teaching jobs at Croydon College. They will never have their fill of human misery. Not satisfied with that, our (appropriately named) Mayday Hospital will be next in line for the vultures as it will have to cut costs by 20% in real terms in order to survive the onslaught.

We must not allow this this to happen ! We will fight them in the Shopping Centres. We will fight them on the pedestrianised streets. We will fight them in Topshop. We will fight them in Vodafone. We will fight them in Boots. Above all, we will fight them in the banks, and we will never surrender !! We are UK UNCUT !


SATURDAY 30th JULY at 12 NOON in the middle of NORTH END outside the main entrance to the WHITGIFT SHOPPING CENTRE. This is right in the pedestrianised centre of Croydon and also opposite the Centrale Shopping Centre. Both East Croydon and West Croydon train stations are a few minutes walk away.

We intend to pay a visit to several tax dodgers and banks throughout the afternoon. Exact targets will be revealed on the day.

People from Lambeth are actively encouraged to come and show solidarity. Croydon is really easy to get to from just about anywhere in Lambeth

Let us know you’re coming on facebook


  • Arm yourself with placards, banners, leaflets, megaphones, or just your own voice.
  • Bring a small book, in case we decide to remind a tax-dodger how many libraries his unpaid taxes could keep open.
  • You may also want to wear scrubs or a doctor’s coat, in case we want to remind a banker how many nurses his unearned bonus would pay for.
  • If you are under 18 or have children, bring games, a musical instrument or something to express yourself with, in case we decide to open up a Youth Centre in place of a bank.

Remember that this will be a peaceful, creative direct action! We are not intending to break any laws or get arrested. We will request legal observers to be present. In the (hopefully unlikely) event that the police decide to abuse their powers, make a note of the following solicitors’ numbers:

Bindmans 020 7833 4433
Hodge, Jones & Allen 07659 111192


The Forces of Darkness, supported by their friends in the Press (especially the criminal Murdoch Press), tell us there’s no money for public services. They lie. The rich have plenty of money and are getting richer every day, as our taxes go up and are paid over to them to run privatised services which were once publicly provided – like the railways, care homes, prison services, social housing and council cleaning services. Now they want to privatise our libraries and most of the NHS too.

This is wanton destruction, because in fact there is plenty of money to save public services: over £100 billion of tax is dodged every year by multinational corporations and wealthy individuals making use of loopholes and secret offshore banking facilities. In addition, banks continue to pay themselves huge, unjustifiable bonuses whilst destroying the real economy and using our livelihoods as chips for their casino games:

  • Topshop owner Philip Green paid no tax on earnings of £1.2 billion. The £285 million he avoided (by sending the money to his wife in Monaco) would pay for 20,000 NHS nurses, see here
  • City bankers paid themselves £7 billion in bonuses this year, despite having caused the economic crisis and they’re still not lending to local businesses. That £7 billion could reverse all the cuts to Higher Education funding or pay for 490,000 nurses !! RBS alone paid out nealy £1 billion despite making a big loss, see here
  • Banks are also dodging tax as well as helping others to dodge taxes: Barclays alone dodged over £2.5 billion on profits of over £11 billion. That’s 175,000 nurses, see here
  • Boots paid only 3% tax on its profits after moving its HQ to a PO Box in Switzerland, despite making nearly all its profits in the UK, see here
  • Vodafone avoided most of a £6 billion tax bill after coming to a cosy agreement with HMRC. The £5 billion they dodged would pay for 350,000 nurses, see here
  • HSBC has made £38 million profit at UK taxpayers’ expense from publicly subsidised PFI schemes, including the refurbishment of the Queen Alexandra hospital in Portsmouth. The profits were banked in the tax haven of Guernsey and HSBC paid less than 1% tax on them! Meanwhile the Queen Alexandra has made 700 staff redundant in the last year and a half. This is almost exactly the same as the number of nurses that the 28% tax HSBC didn’t pay on the £38 million profit would have paid for, see here
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  3. derfe says:

    oh come off it , city bankers didn’t cause the economic Crisis , wall street and american workers caused the economic crisis. If croydon is suffering , surely time spent on tax reform , to close loopholes which allow these companies to get their preferable tax rates , is better. time spent demonstrating rather than earning wages is a waste of time .