Affordable Housing for All

Posted: July 6, 2011 by rabidleftwinger in Demonstrate, Rally & Occupy!, Lambeth living, Stalls/Petitioning/Leafletting

The Loughborough Park Guiness Trust is planning a complete redevelopment of the area with major evictions and rent rises. This Saturday the tenants association is hosting a community picnic with ‘Housing Emergency’ campaigners and Lambeth Law Centre advisor with a view to involving more tenants in discussions about their future. It’s at 1pm on the estate. If anyone with an interest in supporting this campaign is around to come along please do so, any please email Grace to let us know you’re coming. Bring food!

The background to the campaign is in this video

After that, why not help in the DCH campaign for a no vote to stock transfer on the Ethelred estate. Hundreds of council houses are going to be transferred to a housing association in the autumn if Council wins this ballot. Meeting in the Vauxhall Gardens Tenants and Residents Association hall – Carmelita Centre , junction of Vauxhall Walk and Jonathon Street – this Saturday at 2pm. Again anyone who can support the campaign and come along would be very welcome. Email Grace for more details

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