Lambeth says no to free school

Posted: June 16, 2011 by lambethsaveourservices in Cutswatch, Stalls/Petitioning/Leafletting

The Lambeth Says No campaign against the Michaela free school in Lambeth is picking up steam. They have been leafleting and petitioning all the local Primary Schools. Sara has done some research and found out that there is in fact a surplus of secondary places in the north of the borough. Many parents have stopped and talked to us and many signed the petition on the spot.

Here is the online petition:
And here is the website:
Free schools take money from central government and not local government and can be set up by anyone. This means they are not accountable to your locally elected representatives and compete against all our other schools in the borough. This will deprive them of students and thus the vital funding they need. It also means they are unable to contribute to locally shared education services like exclusion centres. The net effect is a cut to funding to our local schools

The next Lambeth SOS planning meeting is (today) Thursday 16 June 6:30pm, in the Vida Walsh Centre in Brixton. See our calendar for all our events.

You can also get regular updates and get involved with the campaign using our email lists.


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