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Posted: May 24, 2011 by lambethsaveourservices in Press release

Opening PanelThe following declaration was (hastily) agreed at our Peoples Assembly on May 21 2011. Ideally we would have had more time for amendments and discussion but we voted to reconvene the assembly in the near future. Please bring amendments to our next assembly!

Lambeth People’s Assembly aims to mobilise, organise and unite in effective action all those affected by the slash and burn austerity programme of the Tory-Lib Dem government:

  • Public sector workers targeted with massive job cuts, a pay freeze and privatisation
  • The most vulnerable – the poor, unemployed, single parents, the disabled, pensioners and youth – whose benefits will be slashed and services destroyed
  • Women, youth and ethnic minorities who will be disproportionately affected.
  • Everyone, who will be hit with higher taxes, pension cuts, and over a million further job losses in both the public and private sector due to austerity and the recession.

Yet we didn’t cause this crisis – the bankers did. This is a crisis of the capitalist system. The trillion pound bank bailout and the economic recession caused by the credit crunch, is the root of this debt crisis. But tax cuts for big business, coupled with tax avoidance by the wealthy, means the rich get richer and the hole in the budget gets bigger.

Lambeth People’s Assembly rejects the idea of slashing public services completely. There does not need to be a single cut and we reject every single one!

Instead, tax the rich, banks and business to protect and extend public services, build council housing and launch an environmentally sound public works programme that will provide useful, well-paid and permanent jobs. The market capitalist economy isn’t working so we should take the banks and big corporations into common ownership.

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The next planning meeting is on Thursday 2nd June 6:30pm, in the Vida Walsh centre in Brixton. See our calendar for all our events.

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