THIS SAT: Lambeth People’s Assembly Against the Cuts

Posted: May 12, 2011 by rabidleftwinger in Demonstrate, Rally & Occupy!, Meeting, Press release
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Lambeth peoples assembly is Saturday 21st may, assembly rooms, lambeth town hall

Saturday 21st May | 12pm – 4pm | Assembly Hall, Acre Lane, London SW2

Lambeth Save Our Services has called a People’s Assembly as part of the campaign to fight the cuts to services in Lambeth.

Our libraries, children’s playgrounds, schools, NHS services, elderly peoples’ provision are all under threat of the axe. Local people are fighting back.

The Lambeth People’s Assembly will be both a festival of resistance and an organising centre to exchange experience and plan for action.

The event will take place from 12-4pm at the Lambeth Town Hall. Join us! and spread the word! Please let us know you’re coming via facebook. You can also download a poster for the event.

Update: Provisional Agenda

1. Intro (start time 12.00 noon)
The Cuts: where we are nationally and locally (1 hour). Short introduction then open floor

2. Stand-up anti cuts routine (start time 1.15pm)
(to be confirmed) (20 mins)

3. Workshops (start time 1.45. pm) provisionally six proposed (45 minutes)
1. Education
2. Housing
3. Disability and other benefit cuts
4. Health
5. Pensioners
6. Libraries/recreation/Youth services

4. Music/refreshment break (start time 2.30pm – 30 minutes)

5. Organising the communities (start time 3.00pm)
No platform just short intros from floor on how cuts are effecting particular groups and fighting back: disability groups, women, UK uncut Barac, Smiley Culture.

6. Conclusion and declaration (start time 3.30pm)
John McDonnell, Ted Knight summing up how we take Peoples Assembly forward, short written declaration. (30 minutes end at 4.00pm prompt)

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