Save Lambeth Libraries – Weds 11 May

Posted: May 8, 2011 by lambethsaveourservices in Cutswatch, Demonstrate, Rally & Occupy!, Libraries
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I love my library!Alongside Children’s Services supporters at Wednesday’s council lobby will be the Save Lambeth Libraries campaigners, lobbying the council not to axe Lambert’s Library Staff.

Libraries are undergoing both a consultation on the future of libraries and a staff restructure (why are these not part of same program Lambeth?!) and Lambeth’s library workers and librarians are opposed to the huge cuts proposed by the council – staff cuts, reduced opening hours, de-professionalisation of librarians, possible closures, “community trusts” (cuts with glossy image?) and more.

How can you help? 4 things to do this week!

Step 1: Sign our new petition (direct with Lambeth):

Step 2: Join us on Wednesday 11 May, 6pm at the town hall & lobby your democratic representatives!

Step 3: Contact your councillor and demand they oppose all cuts in libraries. Find your councillor and email them using the Lambeth website. Copy in Cllr Florence Nosegbe (the councillor responsible for libraries & running the consultation).

Step 4: Spread the word! Email you friends and colleagues, post this to your Facebook (link below) and tweet us (again tweet button below, @SaveLambthlibs and @LambethSOS) and get them to do the same.

  1. Joe Public says:

    Have you seen the (sub)-Standard today (Tue 10 May)? Alan Bennett the author/playwright/actor is getting in on the Brent libraries campaign by performing to try and raise £30 k needed to fund a judicial review to save 6 of their libraries. Looks like they’re following in the footsteps of Lewisham. The Brent campaign say their council’s decision is ‘riddled with errors’. AB says ” A child can learn to read at home as I did 70 years ago. But my only access to books, which changed my life, was at the local library. Deprive a child of that and you hinder its development for life. Closing libraries is child abuse”! Well said.