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One Love One Aim: A March in Unity and for Justice for All Called by the Campaign for Justice for Smiley Culture

Saturday 16th April 2011 – Assemble at 12 noon
Southbank Club 124 -130 Wandsworth Road SW8 2DL
proceeding to New Scotland Yard Its time to bring an end to all deaths in custody

The first ever recorded death in police custody was David Oluwale born in Lagos, Nigeria, on 8th September 1930. David was homeless and was brutally terrorised by Police Officers Ellerker and Kitching. They found him asleep in the doorway of a local Bridal House shop in Leeds at about 3 a.m. Ellerker and Kitching beat and attacked him and later urinated on him. Later, David Oluwale was found dead badly beaten and floating in the River Aire.

In the last 10 year over 400 people have died in police custody; that’s one a week. 42 years and 1000 deaths later we the British people say…Enough is enough! It’s time for change! Virtually no police officers have been brought to account by the British judicial system.

We march on the anniversary of the death David Oluwale and to highlight our determination to find out the truth about what happened to Smiley Culture: A British cultural icon famous for his music and records such as Cockney Translation and Police Officer, Smiley is reported to have died from a single stab wound to the chest whilst in the custody of the Metropolitan Police Service Serious Crime Directorate during a raid on his home. Family saw him at his
home at the time of the raid with a calm demeanour whilst he was under police custody. 25 minutes later, he was pronounced dead. An unidentified police source speaking anonymously to the press claimed he stabbed himself through the heart whilst making a cup of tea! Its time the truth was told.

Our demands are:

  •     A public inquiry into the death of David Emmanuel aka Smiley Culture.
  •     Immediate suspension of all the police officers involved.
  •     IPCC to fast track their investigation

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