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Crossing Westminster Bridge, the police had to open a passage to the march:
[originally posted in Spanish on the Latin American Workers Association’s website, their press release from last week follows the post]

The Latin American coalition against the cuts (Colacor) marched together with the anti-cut organizations of South London.

We had planned to leave Kennington Park, passing through North Lambeth towards Waterloo bridge to meet up with the main march at Embankment. But in North Lambeth, as there was nothing to keep us from crossing Westminster Bridge, we decided to take that route. As we walked we were able to see that in the middle of Westminster Bridge there was a police cordon and police cars on the bridge to keep the march from passing.

When I saw so many police in front of us in the distance seemingly ready to stop us, it made me afraid as I’m sure it it did other compañeros who were in the front with me. One compañero asked me what’s going on? How are we going to get past? Although I was afraid of what could happen I answered, “nothing will happen, they will leave or if not we will go another way”, the man grew calmer and we did not stop  shouting chants and making noise with the horns we carried.

Only a few metres from reaching the cordon, the police, seeing us united, sure and decided, with our placards held on high, had no other option than to give way to the multitude, permitting us to continue without detaining us.

This shows us that if the people are united and confident in doing what they have set out to do, they will listen to our voice, the voice of the people. It is important to be organized, and mutually take care of ourselves in the streets.

It’s an experience that is both small and large at the same time; it shows us that the people are the owners of their own decisions.

The streets teach us unity and determination.

Marlene, 31-03-2011

LAWAS Press Release:

On Saturday LAWAS marched from KenningtonPark together with various member organisations of the Latin American Coalition Against the Cuts (COLACOR) and unions and communities from south London. With thousands of others we crossed Westminster Bridge to join forces with the main march. Here are some photos of this emotive ocasion. The groups and individuals of COLACOR will continue taking active part in the local union-community alliances against the cuts throughout London, such as those of Lewisham, Lambeth,  Southwark, Haringey and Islington.

For more photos of south London march click here:


You can also catch some youtube video at the links below:

  1. louise king says:

    I totally agree. Yesterday I led a campaign against cuts to children’s services in Whitehall, outside Downing Street. The police could have arrested us, we were directly breaking the law apparently, but said they could see we were peaceful (and yes we had loads of toddlers there) so would turn a blind eye. Similarly, on the 26th March, they were v helpful as we struggled with banners and buggies…