Minutes of Lambeth SOS Planning Meeting Thurs 17 March 2011

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See below for the minutes of our latest meeting including a list of where and when we will be leafleting and building for this Saturdays huge protest in London. Let us know in the comments if you can help out!

Gary chaired. About 40 present.

1) Speakers at start of feeder march 26.3.11

    It was announced and verified that LACA and Southwark SOS had both voted against having Kate Hoey speak but not against Kingley Abrams speak. There followed discussion on speakers.

    Jim proposed Ian Page, Socialist party ex-councillor.

    Rahul proposed John McLaughlin, Unison secretary of Tower Hamlets branch.

    Jeremy proposed Kingsley Abrams, Labour councillor who voted against cuts at cabinet and abstained at full council, Vassell ward councillor and black activist.

    Stuart proposed open mic after speakers.

    James proposed Ted Knight, Lambeth SOS and former council leader, who opposed cuts in 1980s.

    Sara proposed Kate Hoey, Vauxhall Labour MP, high profile woman, supported Kingsley against council, in order to put pressure on her.

    Lots of speakers, mainly against Kate Hoey, some for. Discussion on whether we wanted to exclude all speakers who were not against every cut and did not denounce all cuts in principle – or whether to unite everyone who was against the actual Tory-Lib Dem cuts and place demands/pressure on Labour politicians to renounce all cuts.

    Vote on Kate Hoey as speaker: 35 against, 5 in favour.

    Rest of invitees agreed:

    Ruth Cashman (Libraries, Unison, Lambeth SOS)

    Ian Page

    John McLaughlin

    Ted Knight

    Kingsley Abrams

    Ellen Lebethe (LamPAG, Lambeth SOS).

    2) Route

      Anita has contacted police and told them we want to cross Westminster Bridge.

      3) Building for demo

        a) Placards and banners

          CoR has a warehouse space for placard making in Vauxhall. Contact Andy H (07960326885) to join in.

          b) Leaflets

            Agreed to order 15,000 more A5 feeder march leaflets – someone (Dan?) to ask Grace to update meeting dates for Lambeth SOS (31 March and 14 April). Also Stuart to contact Chris Kelly and order 10,000 postcards for feeder march. Jeremy to try and design A4 poster for estates and bus stops – otherwise people should blow up A5 leaflet and use that. Everyone urged to ask their unions for general postcards, leaflets, etc. to build for the march.

            c) Leafleting


              5-6.30pm: Friday 18th and 25th

              7.30-8.30am: Tues and Thurs next week

              Stockwell: 5-6.30pm: Fri, Mon, Tues and Thurs

              West Norwood Library: Sat 2pm (Read and Shout)

              Brixton tube (or KFC)

              11am onwards: Saturday and every weekday 5pm onwards: next week

              Budget Day protest: Weds 23rd 4pm Trafalgar Square to Downing St.

              d) PA/sound system

                Dan proposed buying a sound system for £3-400. Agreed to approach GMB, Unison and NUT (and other local unions) to jointly buy one.

                4) Anti-cuts conference

                  Ted reported. Conference to be held on 21st May at Labeth Town Hall Assembly Rooms. To be called “Lambeth People’s Assembly – Carnival Against the Cuts” promoted by Lambeth SOS. Aims to look at attacks, alternatives and responses in greater detail. To investigate racism and fighting racism, civil liberties and resistance, e.g. strikes and occupations. We want to broaden it out and invite other campaigns.

                  1st session: how and why it has come to this. Political discussion.

                  Then workshops on NHS, Benefits, Education (maybe others). Facilitators should prepare for these with written plan for amendment and agreement. Idea is to kickstart or promote ongoing working groups.

                  Final session on building the movement. Idea to promote ongoing people’s assembly, meeting every 2-3 months.

                  Discussion followed. General agreement on involving existing campaigns, inviting strikers, focusing on agreement for action. Some stressed making it very creative, carnivalesque, others wanted firm agreements on action.

                  Lee to join working group, which will meet at Stuart’s in Gypsy Hill (see previous minutes for details). Others, especially young people, invited to join them, too.

                  5) Disputes

                    UCU is on strike in King’s College (and all universities) on Tuesday and Lambeth College (and all further education colleges) on Thursday.

                    Lambeth Living will strike on 30th March (Unison HQ permitting).

                    Libraries and Park Rangers (Unison) voted unanimously for strike action in indicative ballot.

                    Camden and Tower Hamlets NUT and Unison voted 85% for strike in schools and will strike on 30th March. Tower Hamlets Unison local govt balloting for all-out strike action, too.

                    6) Sub-groups

                      Sean to try and convene NHS sub-group with Charlie and Andy H.

                      Communities sub-group to be set up – Lee proposed this. May come out as result of public meeting in response to death of Smiley Culture on Thurs next week (venue tbc).

                      7) Political discussion group

                        Stuart proposed we set up one since planning meetings packed with organisational issues. On show of hands, about 20 people said they would be interested in this.

                        8) AOB

                          Another RMT branch has affiliated. Will now be put to London region of RMT.

                          RMT benefit this Sunday at Jamm. Lambeth SOS can have stall there (afternoon?) – looking for volunteers.