Minutes 17th Feb (and older 3rd Feb)

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Minutes of Lambeth SOS Thursday 17 February


1) Reports
2) Building for 23 February council lobby (another post above)
3) Publicity
4) Proposal for rally on 7 March
5) AOB

1) Reports

M from park rangers: we have two and half thousand signatures in support of PRs. Plus have set up a website and Facebook page . Focused on the 23 February lobby. After that will work with branch leadership of Unison over next steps and action.

Dan from Unison. Job losses imminent in Lambeth Living (housing ALMO). 126 are at risk, 74 were re-allocated leaving 52 facing redundancy. But there are still 80 plus vacancies unfilled so council has not insured everyone who wants a job has one, Council is using cuts as opportunity to get rid of staff in lower paid front-line work and replace then with managerial and consultant roles more in line with private sector.

Roger from Unison. Reported on Lambeth disability groups, which are at the frontline of the cuts and had a good turnout on the last lobby.

Discussion of possibility of Lambeth wide action over job cuts and wage freeze. Union leadership has been refusing ballots for action to branches but recently there have been some moves to allow such as at Tower Hamlets. Need to discuss in Lambeth SOS and Unison about having an indicative ballot for action to defend all jobs against cuts otherwise groups of workers will be picked off.

2) (see another post above)

3) Publicity
Discussion about the need for more leaflets and whether they should be double-sided. Preference was for single-sided and on cheaper paper. Ally and Andy H to liaise about finding cheap and fast printer to provide leaflets for Saturday.

Leaflets will be at Unison office Saturday morning. Andy T will be there at 10.45am to allow people to pick up (also pick up from stall).

Ali has some posters, contact him for copies (Jer and Keith said they would do some during the day.)

4) Proposal for rally on 7 March.
Roger raised proposal from Lambeth trade unions for rally to build for March 26 demonstration. Agreed in principle to support but Dan (who is on the Lambeth joint unions cttee) will raise moving to Thursday 10 march (voted as better evening) and to limit platform speakers so to maximise discussion from floor.

A) Sean reported that Finsbury Park Branch of RMT (on the Victoria Line) has voted to affiliate to Lambeth SOS.
B) Paris reminded people about tickets for fundraiser. Pay him for tickets sold or pick up new ones.

Next meeting to discuss building for March 26 and building on housing estates and wards


Minutes from previous meeting – February 3rd, 2011

The rally

Actions in the buildup to the Demonstration on the 7th of February

Postering Oval   Coordinated by Jeremy Dewar
Brixton Tube Leafletting –Coordinated by Sean
Stockwell Leafletting — Coordinated by Andy (Green Party)
Library Day of Action on 05/02/11 Coordinated by Ruth & Andrea
Morlands Estate Leafletting on Sunday – Andy Tullis

Jon Rogers will coordinate with the Park Rangers
Ruth will coordinate with the Lollipop people

Jeremy Dewar to organise a petition against the cuts and for a Needs based budget.

The Green Party to make a banner.

We have selected a number of stewards to liaise with Unison Stewards for the rally.   We want to be organised and flexible, facilitating the many community groups that will want their voices heard at the meeting.  Our rally should facilitate the message that we want to communicate.


Benefit Gig 26th February

A Lambeth SOS benefit gig has been organised for Saturday evening the 26th of February with the Alabama 3, The Black Smock Band’s Radical Folk Revue and Sing-Along and the TinyBirds starting at 20:00 at Brixton Jamm  261 Brixton Road.  Tickets are £10  and £5 unwaged/low-waged/student.  Tickets will be available for purchase at the Library action on Saturday and at the Rally on Monday.


Outreach and work before the 23rd

–       Hits on the Lambeth SOS website continually going up, today was highest number of hits ever, need to keep doing what we’re doing

–       Working on building deeper connections with the other SOS branches, particularly Southwark and Lewisham, need to try and put together the big joint meeting discussed previously

–       We will be holding a public meeting

o      Mandy, Sean and Lee were on committee from last meeting to put together, no progress on that yet

o      Consensus that we do not want a huge amount of speakers, best limited, as community forum or in workshop format

o      Proposed date March 5th

–       Additional outreach ideas:

o      We could drive around in cars with PA system, let people know what’s going on that way

o      Should talk to TRA reps, see if they would like a speaker to come to the estates themselves, hold a meeting for tenants to find out what’s happening

o      A4 posters that people can put in their windows (Ali to put together)

–       Still have to look into Equality Impact Assessment


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